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Webforum Europe AB – new release of the project management and team collaboration service and new investor

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 22, 2009 11:08 CET

Following the new Webforum release, Soldino Oy, working under the webbdocs.com name, has invested in Webforum and also signed a reseller agreement.

“We are glad that webbdocs.com, after having used the service for a long time, now has joined us both as investors and resellers” says Albert Huth, MD Webforum, and continues: “We will benefit from the deep knowledge from solutions sales that webbdocs.com and Jan Inborr, webbdocs.com MD, and former MD of the the Finnish venture capital company Ahlstom Capital, has”.

Webbdocs.com will work next to the existing Webforum partner in Finland, Webforum Oy. The main focus will be to fill the Webforum service with content for specific target groups, such as boards, law firms and venture capital companies that require cost efficient and customized project and team collaborations solutions without installation. In Sweden, companies like DraftIT and Juris have already set up targeted solutions that are used by more than 3 000 companies.

“The Webforum document management solution is the most user-friendly solution we have seen, and, combined with the powerful built-in publishing that makes it possible to create customized collaboration portals, it makes the service unique. It only takes a couple of minutes to get started and everyone can access the information from anywhere in the world. Our customers require high availability and strong security, which Webforum can offer” says Jan Inborr.

The latest Webforum release contains a number of improvements related to encrypted storage, easier document access, improved print-outs, data import from MS Project and Excel, project planning and graphical business intelligence. The improvements will strengthen the Webforum position as a leading project management and team collaboration service on the Internet.

For more information, contact:

Albert Huth
MD Webforum Europe
Phone: 070-461 58 25
E-mail: albert.huth@webforum.com

Magnus Lundbom
Sales responsible Webforum Europe
Phone 070-525 28 90
E-mail: magnus.lundbom@webforum.com

Jan Inborr
webbdocs.com/Soldino Oy
Phone: +358 400 203612
E-mail: jan.inborr@soldino.fi

About Webforum
The Webforum vision is to offer a market leading web service for project management and team collaboration. Webforum customers can be up and running with project planning and team collaboration within minutes. The unique thing with the Webforum service is the possibility to customize content, colours and shapes without installation or programming skills.

The service has a complete set uf functions for project management and team collaboration, including:

- project/resource planning
- document management
- time reporting
- task management
- intranet/web publishing functions
- project office
- business Intelligence/reporting

Webforum has more than 700 company customers and over 50 000 users in 20+ countries. The service is available in 6 languages. The customers range from small companies or project teams to multinational companies and governmental organizations.

The head office is situated in Stockholm. Development teams are situated in Stockholm and in Kiev. Webforum has resellers in Finland, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Russia/Ukraine and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit the Webforum website, www.webforum.com