Welcome !

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 09, 2010 09:43 CET

Welcome !

Our chocolate paradise Pralinhuset opened its doors over 12 years ago. Mieneke & Günter who have around 30 years of culinary/ hospitality expertise and chocolate production experience, have developed the main shop on Drottninggatan 112, into one of the most reputed chocolate shop chains in Sweden. Together as a family we continuously try to improve the business in various ways.

Today we proudly offer a wide range of homemade pralines, truffles’ and chocolate bars, as well as chocolate figures and beautiful gifts. While specializing in supplying companies and chocolate lovers with their desires, the dedicated team of approximately 25-30 people has a common focus on delivering a chocolate experience of a lifetime to our customers. Over the years our family has always had the goal to have chocolate for everyone.

Therefore we make our own pralines, chocolate bars and figures depending on the demand, in addition to offering specialized chocolate brands from all around the world. Customers with most types of preferences can enjoy chocolate of highest quality from our stores as all our chocolate is made from authentic and natural ingredients.

Visit our homepage to engage in the opportunity of assembling your own chocolate boxes for either yourself or your friends and family. A simple three step process will give you an experience of a lifetime.