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WFP Thanks World for Unprecedented Outpouring of Aid for Haiti

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 04, 2010 09:53 CET

ROME - United Nations World Food Programme Executive Director Josette Sheeran today thanked the world for generosity and compassion for the people of Haiti, with donors -- ranging from governments to companies and even internet gamers -- raising almost US$230 million in cash and donating valuable goods and services.

“The world has saved many lives in Haiti through an enormously generous and fast response to WFP’s food and logistics appeal,” said Sheeran.  “The humanitarian lifeline is now reaching millions of destitute women and children in Haiti.  We are very grateful.”

WFP’s emergency operation has now been extended until the end of 2010 and is likely to cost more than US$800 million, more than double the initial budget.

The United States government is the largest donor to date, having given US$78 million and 4 million ready-to-eat meals.  The Canadian government has made a contribution of US$38 million, Spain has offered US$22 million, Japan US$9 million and Germany almost US$6 million, with Australia, France, Sweden and the UK, all contributing around US$3 million.

More than US$10 million has been provided to WFP from the United Nations’ own Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF).

The Thai government has donated 20,000 metric tons of Thai rice, enough to feed two million Haitians for three weeks. The first consignment arrived in Haiti on Tuesday, flown in for free by Thai Airways International. Thailand’s Channel 3 raised US$5 million from TV viewers and the private sector.

Malawi, an African country which previously depended heavily on food assistance, has offered 150 metric tons of rice, which could provide a daily ration for 60,000 families. Latin American countries such as Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia offered aid within the first 48 hours of the crisis.

WFP has received unprecedented help from the private sector, amounting to donations of almost US$60 million, which includes a donation of US$30 million and 3 million ready-to-eat meals from the American Red Cross.

WFP has had donations of cash and help amounting to more than US$500,000 each from companies including Yum! Brands, TNT, Unilever and ADM.  Donations of between US$250,000 and US$400,000 each have been received from Chevron, DSM, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. (Full list, see below)

While some offered cash, providing WFP with much-appreciated flexibility, others provided expertise and manpower.  Logistics giant TNT immediately moved in with two airlifts, and British Airways, Maersk and United Airlines were among those offering free flights.

Individuals, particularly internet users, have responded massively. Online gamers playing Zynga games such as FarmVille on the Facebook website were given the opportunity to raise money for WFP by spending real money for virtual items, enabling the company to collect more than US$1.5 million in just five days.  For example, players of the hugely popular FarmVille were able to buy white corn and in other games, Haitian drums were on sale.

WFP was one of seven agencies to benefit from the “Hope for Haiti Now” telethon, hosted by George Clooney on MTV, which raised nearly US$60 million and brought together most of the biggest names in Hollywood including WFP Ambassador Against Hunger, Drew Barrymore and Celebrity Partners like Christina Aguilera, Sheryl Crow and Penelope Cruz .  Several WFP celebrity partners have made personal donations, including Drew Barrymore, Korean actor Jang Dong Gun and Chinese gymnast Li Ning. Others have actively supported WFP’s fundraising campaign, including Hend Sabry, Mahmoud Yassin, Ronaldinho, Kaka and DJ Bobo.  UN Messenger of Peace Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein delivered a Boeing 747 loaded with food, water purifiers and communications equipment from the UN Humanitarian Response Depot in Dubai Humanitarian City.

WFP staff members have been touched personally by the plight of their colleagues, more than 200 of whom were working in Haiti before the earthquake. Many have donated cash and some WFP staffers in offices as far apart as Sri Lanka and Ecuador have pledged a day’s pay to help their co-workers rebuild their lives.

Contributions announced to WFP’s Haiti operation include:

USA (US$78,000,000); Canada (US$37,572,255); Spain (US$21,299,061); UN CERF (US$10,677,568); Japan (US$9,000,000); Germany (US$5,772,006); Australia (US$3,547,801); UK (US$3,262,924); Sweden (US$2,998,605); France (US$2,453,102); Norway (US$1,733,102); European Commission (US$1,587,302); Finland (US$1,587,301); Netherlands (US$1,443,001); Switzerland (US$970,873); Italy(US$945,597); New Zealand (US$734,520); China (US$500,000); Republic of Korea (US$500,000); Ireland (US$432,900); Greece (US$288,600); Luxembourg (US$288,600); Poland (US$200,000); Brazil (US$135,730); Romania (US$72,150);  Iceland (US$56,000); Colombia (US$50,000).

Private sector donors include:

Adobe, ADM, Agrium, American Express,  Banco de Brasil, Bloomberg, Brinks, British Airways, Bunge, Caixa Economia Federal Brasil,  Cargill, Chefs for Humanity, Citi Global Transaction, Chevron, Clinton Foundation,  Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, DAC Aviation International,  Danone,  Doubletree Hotels, The Dow Chemical Co,  DSM,  Eurasian Minerals,  Exxon, GAIN, Global Business Coalition,  Goldman Sachs,  Google CheckOut,  Hasbro,  Heinz ,  IDEXX Laboratories,  Iridium Satellite Phones, Jones Lang LaSalle,  Kookmin Bank,  Kraft Foods Foundation,  LG Electronics,  LimeWire,  Maersk, Mars,  Mayor’s Fund to Advance NY City, McRyan, MS&L,  NC Soft, Pepsi, Prem Rwat Foundation, SAP,  Shell, Sodexo, Students for Haiti,  TAQA North, Telecom Italia, TetraPak, Thievery Corporation, TNT, Unilever, United Airlines, United Natural Foods, UTIBA, VISA, Vodafone, Yum! Brands,


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