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"What is impossible to explore, and rare, interests me"

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 16, 2014 07:17 CEST

LLARTMAG have had the release of the third edition to download. The magazine is well known reputable in the international art world. Publisher's Lucienne Lovelette from the jamacian art scene.

Now featured the works of 15 artists from around the world, videos, music loops, horoscop mm with a very high quality in the selection and presentation. Lucienne Lovelette has become known for an amazing graphic design. Bright colors, beautiful mystery that origin from Jamacas nature.

In this edition involved the Swedish architect, artist, poet Agneta Eriksson Hilden. Her art study LA Modulor is presented in detail with pictures and texts by the artist herself.

LA Modulor is about a woman's self expression in the built into the architecture of an otherwise male point of view in terms of design, proportions tectonic grammar etc. The study has been published several times before.

"What is impossible to explore, and rare, interests me" says Agneta Eriksson Hilden.

The preferred magazine for download #!

and enjoy the international art scene today.