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What is possible - and not possible - how complicated life problems be solved?

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 02, 2012 15:59 CEST

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I assert that it is impossible to solve complex problems of life for the majority, but a clear overview (map) that accurately show the way - and in what order the pieces to be put together before you start the treatment process.

I also say that the proponents of diversity in this area is way off. There is - and can be only ONE real and functional map of "terrain / reality" everything else is an illusion that we want to believe because "no one invented this map." It is invented, but very few know it today, hence the illusion of diversity.

What do you trust in complex problem solving, substance abuse, various mental states? MED - or WITHOUT map?

If you do not "can" trust what I say and show, a couple of very credible - and expert references, actually the only expert who had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the map method I created, it is said that new, and new inventions are not in our world.

Who or what should / want / can you trust? Will you continue to buy the illusion or should you let go of the beliefs that are counter-productive?

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