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White Christmas in Skane, Green Figures For Entrance Mats

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 20, 2010 10:37 CET

Malmo & large parts of Skane was covered in snow just before, during and even after the Christmas holidays. Because of the wet & slushy weather proQure has experienced increased inquiries and demand for entrance mats and their mat service.

A white christmas in southern Sweden was not a normal sight to see the past few years. It might snow once in a while but it would disappear after a day or two. Late 2009 and early 2010, the ground was covered in snow litting up Malmo City and the neighboring municipalities just before, during and even weeks after the Christmas holidays.

At the same time, ProQure experienced increased inquiries and demand for their standard dry mats and mat services because of the the slush, salt and dirt that people took with them into the shops and office premises.

A number of store managers and office managers wanted to be immediately supplied with entrance mats at their premises to provide professional welcoming at the entrance. A dirty and untidy entrance deters some customers and guests to enter certain shops. "We wanted to avoid slipping incidents in the shop. ANd standard dry mats keep the floor dry and provides a fresher entrance hall." states Anna Andersson at Ahlens City in Malmö.

ProQure asked why customers chose the company and wanted them to be a partner for the service of their entrance mats. The common answer is a better price, speed and flexibility - just what ProQure's business idea is all about.

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