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Why Fred´s World by green Cotton use organic cotton

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 21, 2013 20:21 CET

A lot of cotton is also treated with formaldehyde or other chemicals to protect it during transport or in wet areas of the World. Studies show that formaldehyde can cause allergy. Fred's World by Green Cotton does not accept these chemicals.

The dye process for conventional cotton can be both poisonously and environmentally damaging. Fred's World by Green Cotton uses dyehouses with closed systems where waste water is thoroughly cleaned. Green Cotton only uses synthetic environmental friendly dyes without heavy metals. Chemicals in clothing can - together with soaps and perfumes - increase your childrens risk for getting allergies and eczema.

We use GOTS because we care about our environment and the people who produce our collections. GOTS is the strictest label in the world and the certification also includes social criteria to secure better work conditions for the people who make our clothes.

GOTS ensures organic status of textiles from the very beginning to the end-product to provide a credible assurance to you that you buy the most environmental friendly clothes for your children without any harmful chemicals.

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