Pia Lebsund

Why me? A stolen childhood.April 19 content deal on Amazon.

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But, like a flash from clear sky, my mother tugged at her cheeks and said she was older instead. Mom said she was seventeen, and Grandmother shook her arm, shouting.

Mom was in shock and ran and ran into the forest. (1) (2) See Inanna's journey and the description of the myth for an understanding of the descent into the underworld and all the difficulties she faces.

Learning more skills in Autism courses worldwide on inernet, 5 stars on Udemy and Amazon my method Module 1,2,3, alternative treatments, healing and coaching.Human rights against, antisemitism.Why me?A stolen childhood.

Module 1,2,3 came from the Basics for kids and youngsters in Autism(Grund teknik för barn ungdomar med autism), 1995 when Pia made a project about free time activities in Stockholm's community.Later on she coached Stockholm's county in starting up free time activities in Autism and similar diagnoses as ADHD, ADD.
Pia studied and researched at Lärarhögskolan in specials pedagogic and tested a computer program I made in every day living.Then I also worked as politician in handicap areas, health care, alternative treatments and social tasks for about 10 years for the green party.
Pia has danced since childhood and also took courses in dancing and have my method in learning this out for kids and youngsters. I had 25 art exhibitions with my son.One in fine art in Miami.

I put everything together and are licenced in CBT, NLP, grief counselling, PTSD and more treatments in complementary treatments CTAA.