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Wi-Fi CAN Bridge module

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 14, 2014 15:08 CEST

THE WCB IS DESIGNED FOR USE IN VEHICLES AND MOBILE MACHINERY. When much of today’s technology is about easy access and user friendly interfaces, the WCB is designed with a built-in web server and Wi-Fi technology. Allowing quick and easy wireless CAN-bus access directly from a web browser window in e.g. a smartphone. Consequently, it doesn't matter whether you use a PC, MAC, iOS, Android or Windows phone etc.

Another useful feature is the WCB-remote server. It enables monitoring, service and parameter settings from a remote place. So a technician does not necessarily have to be on site, saving you valuable time and money.

There is also a possibility to create and design your own graphical layout for the HMI. So depending on your needs, it provides you the possibility to choose what specific data to monitor, and to visually present it in the way that fits your needs. Electrum Automation provides you with a documented API. If that is not a suitable option, but you still want your own design, Electrum can do parts or all the work for you.

Advantages with the WCB

  • Provides HMI interface
  • Log and store time-based data and automatically upload it to a server
  • CAN message and bus load monitor
  • Upload and update software in CAN nodes directly from a smartphone, without CAN/USB dongles
  • Two WCB modules can be configured to act as a wireless CAN bridge, replacing cables
  • Supports CAN, CANopen and J1939 protocols
  • Designed for use in rough conditions

  • The idea for the WCB module began as a thesis project. The need for cable-free bridges in the industry of mobile road signs became the starting point for the realization of the WCB. Implementation of the WCB on mobile machines for settings, HMI and software updates has proved to be popular and fitting applications. 

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