Wingårdhs wins competition for a new hotel at Göteborg Landvetter Airport

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 23, 2017 12:01 CET

Flags are not only signs of nations, but of an international society. A set of flags is a manifestation of travelling, of international dialogue and of a society open to others. It is not just the decorative quality that made massed standards an emblem for hotels all over the world; it is the supreme icon of an international institution. The amount of flags tells the traveler about the ambitions of the inn – to recognize your own national insignia is a hart-warming feeling and a promise of a sociable attitude, especially for those coming from minor countries. With this in mind, it is hard to find a more natural motif for an international airport hotel than flags. Many flags.

Göteborg Landvetter airport is Sweden’s second largest international airport. It in a state of growth and will in 2020 feature a new hotel, directly connected to the terminal. The new hotel will feature 200 rooms, restaurant, lounge and conference facilities, but the hotel will also give the airport a new image. An architectural competition of its design has now been evaluated. The winning entry from Wingårdhs with a long and wide canopy decorated with backlit flags of all nations of the world with membership in the UN welcome not only the guests of the hotel, but every traveler. The flags will also appear as a more abstract pattern on the aluminum façade. The flag patterns will give Göteborg Landvetter Airport an unrivalled visual identity, stronger than any operator logotype, and the travelers joy and comfort as they arrive or leave the airport by bus, car or in the future by train. The airport will be a stop on the new high-speed train to be built between Stockholm and Göteborg, with the station close under the hotel.

A compact and flexible layout of the hotel secures a good performance, in terms of economy as well as sustainability. Some rooms are cabins without daylight, an attractive low-budget solution for customers who prefer perfect silence before daylight. With the expansion of the Airport City nearby and the growing number of travelers, Flag Hotel responds to a severe demand. Its emblematic façade and canopy is in itself a response to an internationalized world and demonstration of a diversity without borders.

A number of buildings designed by Wingårdhs will open in the coming years. First a housing complex in central Stockholm, and the next year the refurbished Nationalmuseum. Thereafter the extension to Liljevachs konsthall will open its doors.