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Wonderworld VR and C More breaking new ground in VR. Success after 4 days of live broadcasting.

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 07, 2016 08:31 CEST

Unique live VR picture in picture experience

Wonderworld VR, in cooperation with the C More, broadcasted live VR during the Nordea Masters on the PGA European Tour in golf. But it wasn’t just any ordinary VR experience this past weekend. Wonderworld VR showed the dedicated crowd on site the absolute latest technology in Virtual Reality by letting the live 360-degree spherical image also display the outgoing broadcast picture in a separate window within the VR environment. This unique feature makes it possible for the viewer to both get the feeling of actually standing beside the pros on tee, and at the same time keep an eye on the normal broadcast picture and the scoreboard.

-This is really an incredible experience where we have combined the best of both worlds, says Simon Romanus, founder and CEO of Wonderworld VR.

Everyone at the Nordea Masters wanted to get a peek of what seems to be the future in live VR when it comes to consuming everything from sports, movies, entertainment, education and even news. And they all got to try something that hasn't been done before. The technology is based on unique software that can add multiple images from different sources in a live virtual reality environment. In this specific case the television broadcast picture was used.

-The lines were long and our VR goggles have been busy all the time, says Simon Romanus. -People in all ages found it to be an incredibly exciting experience, and said that they long for this to be the standard when it comes to consuming not just golf but other sports as well. So I think we are right at it being the first ones out to broadcast a live VR experience like this for four full days.

Wonderworld VR is also looking at new partnerships in sports and other areas during this summer and coming fall.

-The solution and expertise that Wonderworld VR has, enables us to provide the visitors with a completely new kind of golf experience and also provides a glimpse of what could become an important part of the future of sports broadcasting, says Johan Cederqvist, Head of program at C More, and the TV4 Group.

-Everyone with a smartphone can be a consumer of VR, so the potential is huge, says Simon Romanus.

WonderWorld VR consists of people with over 20 years of experience in development and production for TV, cognitive psychology analyses, hardware and software 360 technology and years of VR development for the international defence industry. The company has offices in the US and Europe and offers development, production and distribution of professional pre-recorded and live VR. It also offers stand-alone apps with up scalable VR content for any device (online, smartphone/tablet, Samsung Gear VR and Google cardboard or similar).

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