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Wonderworld VR delivers VIP seat in VR at the Swedish qualifying final of the Eurovision Song Contest!

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 11, 2016 00:54 CET

The company Wonderworld VR, which set a world record with a 158-hour live broadcast of virtual reality in SVT's show "Music Aid" last year, is now delivering the next big VR experience. SVT announced last week that this year's Swedish qualifying final, leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest, will be broadcasted in VR and Wonderworld VR is in charge of the entire production process in cooperation with SVT.

- To broadcast Sweden's largest entertainment program in VR feels fantastic, says the founder and CEO Simon Romanus and encourages everyone to get a pair of VR-goggles.

The 360-camera, placed in the best possible seat, gives all viewers with a smartphone and VR goggles the chance to experience the feeling of actually being at the final in the big arena together with the other 12000 in the audience. This VIP-seat is a one of a kind experience.

Wonderworld VR has a technology and knowledge in VR that only a few companies in the world can offer right now. They can deliver high-resolution video in full 360-degree view out to the maximum number of platforms that support 360-degree viewing and VR. Together with the partner Evado they have created a software tool that can push VR-content to any platform simultaneously. Anything from Facebook, YouTube and tablets, to smartphones and gaming consoles.

- We are extremely happy and proud that SVT has chosen to invest in us in this prestigious project. This sends the signal that VR is the future. We know that we can deliver what is required in VR today and the other customers we work with internationally all have the same high standards as SVT, which means that we always have to push our limits. This leads us to constantly be in the forefront when it comes to the ideas - and the technology, says Simon Romanus.

Wonderworld VR has offices in both the US and Sweden and continues to invest in an international position in virtual reality.


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WonderWorld VR consists of people with over 20 years of experience in development and production for TV, cognitive psychology analyses, hardware and software 360 technology and years of VR development for the international defence industry. We stay abreast and drive the development for new services and products within the Virtual Reality Market. We collaborate with the most progressive clients in Virtual Reality around the world.