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Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 30, 2012 13:27 CEST

STOCKHOLM, 30th May – iBuyWeSell.com, the ‘smart’ classifieds platform, is excited to announce its two-year anniversary. The company is maximising opportunities for opening in new markets with the view of increasing trade and profitability for both businesses and consumers across the globe.

iBuyWeSell is a free social media classifieds platform in which members can create, publish and manage their advertisements directly via mobile phone devices. It allows anyone with a mobile phone device or a laptop computer with a built-in camera to buy and sell pre-loved items anytime, anywhere.

“I remember when the idea was just a glint in my eyes,” said iBuyWeSell CEO Bob Ilievski, “I was frustrated with the old classified advertising model and my research confirmed that I wasn’t the only one, so I decided to change it. Soon we won the ‘Simplest and Best Application’ Award in the Samsung Global Developer Challenge, and the rest is history!”

After two long years of progress and setbacks, the company continues to grow and expand its reach. Early this year iBuyWeSell introduced a revolutionary new feature that allows members to also sell what they no longer want or need via video.

“Video advertisement is a simple and effective option for buyers and sellers and we see more and more people using this functionality,” said Ilievski. “Businesses too, can benefit from the platform. They can sell office equipment and furniture, as well as post employment ads to find suitable employees for their companies through iBuyWeSell.com.

“Over the last couple of years the platform has been updated and improved upon, making it easier to use and navigate. We are always focused on the end user’s customer experience with our site. We are pleased to say that advertising space is still free and unlimited for both consumers and businesses,” said Ilievski.

To download the application or learn more about this innovative social media marketplace simply visit iBuyWeSell.com.

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T: +46 8 51970318 (Sweden)

E: hello(at)ibuywesell.com

W: www.ibuywesell.com

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, iBuyWeSell.com <http://ibuywesell.com> is the first company to offer businesses and consumers a free service through which they can create, publish, search and manage their advertisements directly via mobile phone devices. In December 2010, the company was honoured with the ‘Simplest and Best Application’ Award in the Samsung Global Developer Challenge.

iBuyWeSell är en ny digital marknadsplats. Genom annonser i mobilen, ibuywesell.se och sociala media som Facebook maximeras möjligheten att hitta köpare. Annonsering är gratis för både privatpersoner och företag. Läs mer på www.ibuywesell.se