Zebor Technology

Zebor Technology is presenting in the Seed Forum, USA

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 29, 2012 19:24 CET

Zebor Technology is presenting in the Seed Forum, USA

Zebor Technology has been selected to present in Seed Forum in New York and Palo Alto in front of a panel of potential investors on 6th and 8th of November.

Seed Forum is an International Foundation providing born global companies a unique opportunity to present their business concepts to investors by facilitating international and local investor matchmaking forums. Zebor is looking forward to presenting their fast and efficient technology at the forum.

The Swedish company Zebor Technology is focusing on solving the PC-performance problem with their two products, ZBIOS which radically improves start-up times and ZDOS which increases run-time performance and thereby power consumption.

Zebor is a start-up company based in Kista, Stockholm, founded by experienced industry experts and financed by several strong owners, among them Sting Capital and Cueva Holdings, together with the Management and Board

Contact CEO Lars Österberg, 0703 847100, for more information