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Zini - multikulturell inspirerad Rock

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 19, 2017 15:10 CET

ZINI är multikulturell Rock som verkligen berör med en imponerande musikalitet. Favoriter på plattan är nog "Faison" och "The Purity of This". Musiken finns tillgänglig på Sveriges Radios Musikportal. Maila oss om ni behöver filer till andra radiostationer. ZINI på Spotify  ZINI's Youtube channel

Zini is a music project currently based in Stockholm, Sweden that aims to bring together different forms of music from cultures around the world and incorporate them into a sound based on Rock, Pop and other modern genres.

The project was started in 2012 by Filip Holm and Aiat Almansour. The music in this early stage was written and performed mostly by Holm and produced/recorded by Almansour. The first single - “Silent”- was released in April 2013 and was inspired by traditional Armenian, Indian and Arabic music, which was especially noticeable through the use of instruments like the Duduk and Oud. The song was praised for its unusual sound and the use of unconventional instruments, which inspired us to further explore the sounds of different cultures in our music.

As more songs were written and the arrangements became more complex, other musicians were brought in for the recording of our self-titled debut album. Alex Gatica (Bass), Nicholas Podolski (Drums), David Wiltz (Engineer, Bass), Robin Kulbay (Percussion) and Gustav Holm (Digeridoo) joined the sessions and Zini. The album was released on August 19, 2016 and once again featured influences and instruments from different parts of the world. The majority of the music and lyrics are written by Filip Holm, who also performs lead vocals, guitar, oud, saz and duduk, while Aiat Almansour remains an prominent part of the production department.

Zini takes influences from alternative rock, pop as well as electronic music and combines them with traditional forms of music from places like the Middle East, Mediterranean, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Latin world. We have all grown up in multi-cultural environments and have a great love and respect for different people around the world and across cultures which is reflected in the music of Zini. It celebrates the meeting of cultures.

At the moment Zini is in the process of promoting our debut album, as well as preparing for live performances in the near future. We are continuing to write new material and experimenting with different sounds and forms of music, while still staying true to the sound that makes us unique. We aim to work with musicians around the world for future recordings and puts a great emphasis on collaboration.

Zini and its music has a strong social message in itself, one that we feel is increasingly relevant in today's society. Perhaps even more importantly, however, it is something that we have a lot of fun doing, which we hope is reflected in our work.

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