Zuite by Semcon’s newest specialty company with focus on SAP

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 15, 2006 08:32 CET

Semcon’s latest venture within the business area Zpider continues with the newly started partially owned Zuite by Semcon. Based on SAP’s systems and solutions with the ability to improve, rationalise, imbed and implement business critical processes, Zuite helps businesses to be more effective.

- Zuite constitutes Semcon’s business system’s venture, says Johan de Verdier, Zpider’s Managing Director. Our ambition is to be one of the largest local players on the SAP market and to be a respected partner to SAP.

Exactly like in Semcon’s other Z-businesses, Zuite offers customised concepts and consultants with specialist skills specifically targeted to each customer to quickly develop efficiency in the customer’s processes.

- Initially we will work with logistics solutions, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence and Financial Management, says Johan. In pace with the build-up of the company, SAP’s customer care system and purchasing solutions will be part of the focus areas together with PLM, Product Lifecycle Management, an area where Semcon has widespread business know-how.

- Since the year 2000 we have built-up a number of IT businesses according to the customer’s requirements and the needs of the market, states Hans Johansson, Semcon’s CEO. SAP is an inherent part of the business support that many of our larger customers have built-up and it is therefore natural that we choose to broaden the services offered even further.

Innovation changes name to Zpider
Semcon has assembled the five IT-companies in the business area of Innovation, which is undergoing a name change to Zpider. The Managing Director is Johan de Verdier, previously Managing Director of Zipper by Semcon. The Company offers proven packaged solutions saving time and money for our customers.
Zipper by Semcon makes IT platforms function. This means that the customers’ employees always have access to the operative systems and programs they require. Zipper is a Gold Certified Partner to Microsoft.
Zystems by Semcon works with systems integration and assisting companies with information exchange organization between the various systems. For the past two years, Zystems has been chosen as best systems integration partner by IBM Software.
Zetup by Semcon specializes in management and development of IT infrastructures and guarantees that customers have a secure and advanced data management.
Zingle by Semcon operates within the area of identity and access management. Based on IBM’s software Tivoli, Zingle has developed a concept where the user receives an identity, a password and only needs to login at one place.
Zuite by Semcon improves, rationalises, imbeds and implements business critical processes based on SAP’s solutions and systems.

For more information contact:
Johan de Verdier, MD, Zpider, tel. 070-602 16 80,

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