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Lights in Alingsås may return to Portugal

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 02, 2017 14:01 CEST

From the event in Portugal

A lighting event in Portugal, organised by Swedish Lights in Alingsås, was seen by around 50,000 people – and visitors want more. The town of Santa Maria da Feira would like a new lighting workshop next year as part of its Imaginarius festival.
“ We’re pleased at people’s reactions and will have a look at what may be possible in the future,” says project leader Angelica Larsson.

Four students from Jönköping and around ten from Portugal, working under the leadership of lighting designer Laura Bernadet, were the first members of a Lights in Alingsås workshop to be held outside Sweden. This took place during the Imaginarius festival in Santa Maria da Feira, a short car trip from Porto. Angelica Larsson, project leader for Lights in Alingsås, was there to oversee the project, along with co-ordinator Anna Grill. They also took the opportunity to meet representatives of both the festival and the local authority of Santa Maria da Feira, and the response they received was overwhelmingly positive.

They thought it was fantastic and have already indicated that they want to see some form of continuation in the future. We have already discussed a number of places where next year’s workshop could be held during the festival, which is proof of our success. So it would be lovely see it come to pass. However, we have said that we need to  carry out our evaluation and examine possible scenarios,” says Angelica Larsson.

At the same time she acknowledges that it has been a very interesting experience and believes that it is possible to develop the Lights on tour concept further.

“We can see that this is excellent publicity for Lights in Alingsås as an event, for Alingsås as a municipality, and for the lighting industry as a whole. Developing the concept can create many benefits,” she thinks.

This year’s assignment was to illuminate Santa Maria da Feiras’ town hall, with its surrounding buildings and square. Students chose to add another dimension by projecting images of passers-by on a large screen on the front of the town hall. The idea was that visitors had the chance of being part of the lighting installation. Students also lit up one of the major streets of the town by transforming the trees there into illuminated works of art.

“The students were really clever and it was particularly nice to see how Swedes and Portuguese worked together so well despite some language problems,” says Angelica Larsson.

The Imaginarius street art festival received around 50,000 visitors over three days and is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Angelica Larsson, project leader
+46 (0)322 64 48 52

About Lights in Alingsås

Since the year 2000, every October world-leading lighting designers have come to Alingsås in Sweden to light up central parts of the town. Cold, anonymous buildings are transformed into warm, colourful areas while the lake may be turned into a futuristic runway, and these well-lit oases become new and inviting places for people to meet.

During the festival the town is full of activity and in the last few years Lights in Alingsås has received over 85,000 visits during October while being an important international meeting place for lighting designers, students and companies. The owners and initiators of the project are Alingsås Municipality, and local companies Sparbanken Alingsås, Alingsås Energi, FABS and Alingsåshem make Lights in Alingsås possible. Our media partners are Mondo Arc and Alingsås Tidning.

Om Lights in Alingsås

Varje oktober sedan år 2000 kommer världsledande ljusdesigners till Alingsås för att ljussätta centrala delar av staden. Kalla och anonyma fasader blir till varma och färgsprakande platser, sjöar kan bli futuristiska landningsbanor och i dessa oaser av ljus uppstår nya och inbjudande mötesplatser i staden.

Under evenemanget råder det full aktivitet i Alingsås och under de senaste åren har Lights in Alingsås resulterat i över 85 000 besök under oktober månad. Lights in Alingsås är en viktig internationell mötesplats för ljusdesigners, studenter och företag. Ägare och initiativtagare till projektet är Alingsås Kommun som tillsammans med Sparbanken Alingsås, Alingsås Energi, FABS och Alingsåshem gör Lights in Alingsås möjligt. Exklusiva mediasamarbetspartners är Mondo Arc samt Alingsås Tidning.

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