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Trail for Lights in Alingsås 2017 defined

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 19, 2017 10:00 CEST

This year's Lights in Alingsås trail has finally been defined.
- The trail will be beautiful, cut and sewn to the measures of the theme of this year, emotions, says project manager Angelica Larsson.

For some years now, Lights in Alingsås has started off at Åmanska parken and the Tourist Office, before taking different paths through an illuminated Alingsås.
This year, the first site is not far away, just some 20 steps actually: Alingsås station.
- We have a theme that I consider one of the most interesting ever, feelings, and we felt that we would not mind if it goes off right away, says Angelica Larsson, and continues:
- It also feels great that Australian James Wallace, who has been here before and has a strong vibe for the city, takes on the opening site. He will call it “The Matrix of Emotions” and after hearing him explain what he intends to do, I, for one, feel confident that this has tremendous potential for a spectacular start, says Angelica.

Further across the bridge towards Sörhaga, “The Weaving Shadows” await, which, under the direction of Louis Lebrun, will fill the empty lot immediately after the crossing. Then, just walk on to Oscarsgatan, where a magic alley landscape is anticipated of Birgitte Appelong and Mats Bergström's nine gently lit trees.
- Here, they envisage each tree representing a feeling. The name of the workshop, Point of View or Point of You, might be regarded as an evocation of how the viewers allow the trees to reflect themselves, thinks Angelica.

She adds that the next site, the District Court, which in October will be given the additional name Concern, has a special story this year. Magnus Almung, who together with Simon Malmström is the workshop leader here, has been involved in the development of the in-some-circles controversial extension.
- He knows the nooks and crannies, and certainly has many interesting ideas to capture the essence of the concern related to entering and, for that matter, exiting, a legal facility.

Site 5, A Room with a View, is under the supervision of Spanish Lara Elbaz and will focus on the feeling of calm. What could be better than building it around the gazebo where Lillån makes a detour from Säveån. And then launch straight into the feeling of happiness at Pumphuset next to Alingsås Energi, where Miguel Calanchini builds his workshop “Happiness”. According to his initial ideas, water plays an important and exciting role here.
- Last on the route, we find “Reflection”. Ukrainian Veronica Chernet's workshop, which will transform the Alströmer Storehouse using light reflections to provide an opportunity to pause and reflect, explains Angelica Larsson, who reaffirms her previous statements on the 2017 Lights in Alingsås:
- As I have said from the start, I think this theme opens the way for one of our best years ever. Having listened to the thoughts of our designers on the sites, I am all the more convinced. This is going to be great. Really great.

Angelica Larsson, project leader
+46 322 64 48 52

Om Lights in Alingsås

Varje oktober sedan år 2000 kommer världsledande ljusdesigners till Alingsås för att ljussätta centrala delar av staden. Kalla och anonyma fasader blir till varma och färgsprakande platser, sjöar kan bli futuristiska landningsbanor och i dessa oaser av ljus uppstår nya och inbjudande mötesplatser i staden.

Under evenemanget råder det full aktivitet i Alingsås och under de senaste åren har Lights in Alingsås resulterat i över 85 000 besök under oktober månad. Lights in Alingsås är en viktig internationell mötesplats för ljusdesigners, studenter och företag. Ägare och initiativtagare till projektet är Alingsås Kommun som tillsammans med Sparbanken Alingsås, Alingsås Energi, FABS och Alingsåshem gör Lights in Alingsås möjligt. Exklusiva mediasamarbetspartners är Mondo Arc samt Alingsås Tidning.

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