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Tolpagorni delivering Smart product marketing to Crowdsoft

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 30, 2017 15:20 CET

Crowdsoft Technology develops innovative collaborative software to connect people and manage communications for responsible authorities and operators of critical environments where the safety of people, the security of critical infrastructure and commercial values matters. To communicate the unique values in the Crowdsoft product offering the Tolpagorni Smart marketing factory concept has been assigned.

The security market is a highly competitive market. New technologies today make new types of security related solutions possible. It is important to be able to communicate the true values built up of the functions and features these new technologies make possible to the potential customers so that they are able to appreciate the advantage of the Crowdsoft offering. The Crowdsoft solution address the market segment Situational Awareness Systems (SAS) with unique capabilities.

To reach this communication goal a smart marketing concept is needed. Tolpagorni has designed a concept that deliver highly efficient market in the today competitive multichannel landscape. This concept address specifically the challenges when marketing high tech products in a global market. The foundation for successful marketing is to be able to identify, define and structure the true product values. To be able to do this a product and technology understanding is needed but also a suitable methodology. This is all part of the Value engineering concept used in the Smart marketing factory.

Smart Marketing is achieved by connecting different functions such as lead generation, value engineering, content marketing and production (copy & design). Smart Marketing is about connecting the value message with channel and recipient. Production and channels are tightly connected including blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media marketing, and other forms of marketing which serve to attract customers through the different stages of the purchase/awareness funnel.

The challenge is to be able to deliver efficient marketing in today’s complex marketing landscape faced by high-tech companies. We often see that the marketing communication is a bottleneck at many companies – small and large. Local and global. This has the negative effect that many leading products do not reach their full potential in the market due to the inconsistencies in the message but also the lack of continuity in the marketing communication. A marketing communication that keeps running successfully over time is key to success telling a consistent message about the values in the offering and how these values are being delivered.

"We are proud to have been selected as the supplier of value based product marketing assisting Crowdsoft to achieve success with its unique C-One solution!" says Magnus Billgren CEO and founder of Tolpagorni Product management.

"Tolpagorni methodology and creative thinking related to product marketing is impressive. This is a modern way of creating marketing communication for leading technology products such as the C-One!", says Alf Eriksson, CEO at Crowdsoft Technologies AB.

About Crowdsoft

Crowdsoft delivers a completely new type of communication system for operational safety and security that enables big advantages for a number of different types of companies and organizations. The systems are designed with user-friendly applications for smartphones and a central server solution for coordinating the large flows of information. The business model is based on subscriptions, which means small initial investments for customers and recurring revenue for the Crowdsoft. The Crowdsoft share is listed on AktieTorget with the ticker CROWD.

About Tolpagorni Product Management

Tolpagorni Product Management is a specialist Company in Product management. Our mission is to assist our customers to become more efficient in creating the right products. We help high technology companies within B2B as consultants as well as in the daily operation. Tolpagorni holds open trainings to build competence in product management as well as company specific trainings held on site.

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