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Tolpagorni Smart marketing factory delivery to Wittra

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 20, 2016 08:04 CET

The award-winning start-up Wittra is in a rapid expansion phase. Wittra needs to be seen and heard by multiple stakeholders in the Ecosystem - not only by the customers! Wittra wants to be a dominant player within the concept of “Internet of Moving Things” and to achieve this they need to create awareness among key actors. To reach this desired position an extensive smart marketing effort towards multiple stakeholders in the international arena is needed. Tolpagorni assist in this effort with delivering the Smart Marketing Factory service to Wittra. This investment has now over-performed way before schedule when looking at the KPIs set up for the project!

The challenge is being able to deliver efficient marketing in today’s complex marketing landscape faced by high-tech companies. Marketing communication is a bottleneck – and leading products do not reach their full potential in the market due to the inconsistencies and the challenges that come with creating powerful marketing communication. A marketing communication that keeps running successfully over time.

Tolpagorni has identified a number of challenges in the creation of powerful marketing communication within B2B high-tech companies. One is a need for multilevel communication with different types of recipients. Another is the need to be consistent and credible to be able to punch through the information0 overload.

The foundation to achieve this is the Smart marketing concept designed by Tolpagorni. A cornerstone in this is the use of the Value Engineering concept built up by the phases Discover - Define - Connect and Convey values generated by the product/offering. Smart Marketing is achieved by connecting different functions such as lead generation, value engineering, content marketing and production (copy&design). Smart Marketing is about connecting the value message with channel and recipient. Production and channels are tightly connected including blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media marketing, and other forms of marketing which serve to attract customers through the different stages of the purchase/awareness funnel.

Another critical success factor identified when creating marketing content is to establish a Process for communication with a number of well-defined goals that guide the work. The work with creating collateral for the channels must continue every week and every month - a real challenge for most fast moving, successful companies!

"We are proud to have been selected as supplier of this ambitious investment assisting Wittra to achieve success with its unique products and services!" says Magnus Billgren CEO and founder of Tolpagorni Product management.

"Tolpagorni concepts and services are leading in how to do marketing today and are key to our success in our marketing. And they are fun to work with!", says Håkan Dackefjord, Founder & Business Development Director Wittra.

Wittra Sweden AB is a fully owned subsidiary of NiDa Tech Sweden AB, which currently is owned by a group of private investors including the founder. The company is founded out of the innovative Swedish high-tech hub and has since the start 2012 developed a number of unique solutions and secured a significant portfolio of intellectual property. The company headquarters is located in Stockholm Sweden.

Tolpagorni Product Management is a specialist Company in Product management. Our mission is to assist our customers to become more efficient in creating the right products. We help high technology companies within B2B as consultants as well as in the daily operation. Tolpagorni holds open trainings to build competence in product management as well as company specific trainings held on site.

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