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QuizRR presents Clas Ohlson supplier Yikai as supplier of the month in March 2017

Press Release   •   Mar 21, 2017 14:42 CET

The international retail company Clas Ohlson has taken a structured approach to uphold high ethical standards in their supply chain, and has been engaged in QuizRR since the development of QuizRR’s first training solution QuizRR Rights and Responsibilities. The platform was launched in China last year within Clas Ohlson’s supply chain, and no less than 20 factories are now educating employees about their rights and responsibilities with the QuizRR training solution.

One of the suppliers that has been using the QuizRR training solution since it was launched last year is the Chinese production company Yikai. Having already trained 93% of their employees, the company will be awarded Supplier of the month in March 2017.

We spoke to employees at Yikai about their impression of the training program, and were told that this training program is more interesting compared to similar training programs for three reasons. First, the program teaches knowledge of social responsibility through videos followed by a quiz, which helps the viewer to remember the insights provided in the video. Second, anyone can start the program at any time, allowing workers to fit the program into their own schedule. Third, the videos are fun to watch, containing humorous conversations and familiar settings. “We don’t find the same experience in any of the other training programs,” one of the employees told QuizRR.

The training program provides insights on what kind of welfare workers are entitled to as employees, such as paid vacation days every year and whether the company should provide labor insurance supply free of charge.

“Through the videos, we learn what kind of welfare we are entitled to as employees,” one worker said about the videos, which further demonstrate fire safety practices, providing safety knowledge and information on how to act in case of a fire emergency. “We also learned that the factory cannot force us to work extra hours, according to the law.”

When asking factory managers about the overall impression of QuizRR, we were told that the platform is perceived as a very practical tool.

“From our experience, the employees barely absorb the information when we try to teach them social responsibilities in a regular way. If we put up information and rules on the blackboard, not many people will pay attention. Now through QuizRR video training, we recognize that our employees feel motivated to learn about social responsibilities,” said one of the factory managers at Yikai.

Factories can share the results with buyers and provide measurable progress in the working environment as well as transparency. According to Yikai, the most needed trainings for the company are the rules and disciplines of employees, fire safety, emergencies solutions, and health in the working environment.

“We think QuizRR can help improve the competence of our employees, widen their knowledge on social responsibilities and change the work environment for the better.”

“As a company, we want our employees to understand and follow the company rules and disciplines during the work process, as well as to be extremely conscious about the fire safety and know what to do if accidents happen. The health condition of our employees is also our concern,” Yikai explains.

By using the QuizRR training solution factories can strengthen the factory-brand relationship and create long term business relationship with global brands, while at the same time become an attractive employer for workers and thereby strengthen the factory reputation.

“We think QuizRR can help improve the competence of our employees, widen their knowledge on social responsibilities and change the work environment for the better, as well as reducing the risks at the work sites. The training solution stabilizes the flow of the employees – less employees change their jobs or move away.”

The initiative has resulted in more than 1563 number of people trained and a total of 3099 completed training session within Clas Ohlson’s supply chain. In March 2017 Clas Ohlson participated in the QuizRR Kick off in Shanghai, China, to update current solutions, share experience, network and reward high performance factories already training with QuizRR.

“We want to build strong relationships with suppliers who are taking responsibility and are dedicated to improve health and safety, environment and dialogue at the workplace. By training both managers and workers with QuizRR, our suppliers show this kind of leadership”, says Tony Dahlström, Purchasing Director at Clas Ohlson.

Clas Ohlson will continue the roll-out of QuizRR at more factories in 2017 as part of Clas Ohlson’s agenda “From here to Sustainability”. To read more about the sustainability work of Clas Ohlson, visit

With business as the driving force, the founders of QuizRR use their experiences from global trade, production, social responsibility and employee training to create a flexible training tool for the global supply chain and a transparent web platform for all stakeholders. With QuizRR the supplier can perform training at any time and level, measure and share the results with global buyers and make sure that all their employees know their rights and responsibilities. QuizRR was founded in 2013 and the concept has been developed together with Ocean Observations with the support from Clas Ohlson, Axfoundation, Filippa K, Lindex, Axfood, MQ, Intersport, Almi Invest and CSES

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