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"Wait Here" by Tim Etchell exhibition in Scandic Malmen's "Svarta Låda"


Scandic Malmen, Götgatan 49-51 102 66 Stockholm
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Well known in his role as leader of the UK performance group Forced Entertainment, the artist and theatre-maker Tim Etchells makes work that animates playful and contradictory aspects of language. Exploring the speed, clarity and vividness with which text communicates narrative, image and ideas, Etchells is also fascinated by its ability to create a rich field of ambiguity and uncertainty. First shown in 2008, "Wait Here" is one of the first neon works produced by Etchells, using eight words to spell out a phrase that implicates the viewer in a compelling narrative whose details remain unknown. Stockholm Fringe Festival (Stoff) are proud to present Tim Etchells “Wait Here” at Scandic Malmen’s “Svarta Låda” during August. If you wish to know more about Stoff, please visit

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