Meet one of our sponsors - Load Impact

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 10, 2013 17:00 CEST


Meet one of our sponsors - ShapeUp Club

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 10, 2013 16:00 CEST


Meet one of our sponsors - Spotify

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Meet one of our sponsors - Vinnova

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 10, 2013 13:00 CEST

Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems - is Sweden’s innovation agency. They strengthen Sweden’s innovativeness, aiding sustainable growth and benefiting society.


Meet one of our sponsors - Fyndiq

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 10, 2013 11:00 CEST

Fyndiq is one of Sweden's fastest growing e-commerce startups, providing a platform that connects merchants with consumers in a big bargain shop. They love the hacker and startup community and will of course be participating in the hackathon, if you think they sound interesting ping them on twitter!


Meet one of our sponsors - GleSYS

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 10, 2013 09:00 CEST

We are happy to present that one of our sponsors are GleSYS, they have been providing web hosting since 1999.


Meet one of our sponsors - Mynewsdesk

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Meet one of our sponsors - Amazon Web Services.

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Vill du bli nästa Mark Zuckerberg?

Pressmeddelanden   •   Maj 03, 2013 12:27 CEST

STHLM Startup Hack, 12-timmars hacket som äger rum på Skeppsholmskyrkan den 11 maj bjuder i år in allmänheten till en workshop som handlar om hur appar skapas och där deltagarna själva får testa och hitta på ideer. Syftet? Att öka intresset och förståelsen för teknik och vad man kan skapa.


Startups, hackers, designers and VC's compete in hackathon

Pressmeddelanden   •   Apr 25, 2013 12:00 CEST

STHLM Startup Hack, the 12 hour hackathon happening on the 11th of May at Skeppsholmskyrkan, have in addition to hackers, entrepreneurs, startups and designers also a team from Creandum, the Nordic tech VC firm, competing.

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Om STHLM Startup Hack

A day for developers, designers and innovators living in Stockholm to meet and build things together.

Stockholm Startup Hack is a day for developers, designers and innovators living in Stockholm to meet and build things together. We want to put Stockholm on the map as one of the best startup cities in Europe, as well as grow and strengthen our community. We hope that this hackathon can be a small step in that direction.

How it works?

Participants will get 12 hours to create something, you can choose to work on your own or in a team (max five people). You can build whatever you want as long as it can stand on its own. We really want to encourage you to make something out of that idea you’ve been saving for later, rather than building something related to your job. Of course, the most important part is that it’s fun and inspiring.