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Co-working spaces in Stockholm - An overview of five co-working spaces

Co-working spaces, where start-ups can rent office space and be part of a community of companies sharing values, challenges and/or target audiences is a rapidly growing movement. The need for arenas where like-minded can work independently but together seems huge. This report provide an overview of co-working spaces as a phenomenon, and goes into further detail with five of them, all in Stockholm.

Where is life science heading in the future?

Where is life science heading in the future?

Dokument   •   2017-09-21 12:44 CEST

Teknik är drivande för utvecklingen inom life science där gapet mellan grundforskning och klinisk verksamhet minskar. Det skapar möjligheter för helt nya typer av behandlingar, vårdformer hälsofrämjande åtgärder men ställer även nya krav på samarbetsformer och regelverk. Sverige har idag en ledande roll inom life science men står inför en rad utmaningar för att behålla sin position.

Faktarapport: Artificiell Intelligens och machine learning för sjukvård och life science

The report provides an overview the technological advances during the last couple of years that has enabled implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in a growing number of health related services and applications. It also lists companies and organisations that are active in the field and develops products based on different types of AI technologies.

Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science Facts and Figures 2011-2012

The Stockholm-Uppsala region, defined as the three counties of Uppsala, Stockholm and Sörmland is one of the largest life science clusters in Europe. Based on official sources on limited public companies (2012), the region is home to 611 companies with a total of 20,852 employees.

Vision 2025

Vision 2025

Dokument   •   2014-03-14 09:54 CET

Faktarapport Stockholm-Uppsalaregionen

Faktarapport Stockholm-Uppsalaregionen

Dokument   •   2016-06-29 10:52 CEST

Facts on life science in the Stockholm-Uppsala region.

Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science Facts and Figures 2010-2011