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​TORION SINUS – CLAAS introduces a fourth wheel loader model series

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 19, 2018 13:16 CEST


Following the initial excellent results from its partnership with Liebherr, CLAAS is now adding further wheel loader models to the product range, in the 5,6 and 9 tonnes category. The three new TORION SINUS models, with their unique steering concept, combine maximum manoeuvrability with high payload capacities, plus ground speeds of up to 40 km/h.

In terms of performance ratings, the TORION 956, 644 and 537 SINUS fall between the TORION 535 in the small model series, and the 1177 from the mid-range. CLAAS now offers a total of ten different wheel loader models for agricultural use.

Operating weight 9,070 kg 6,390 kg 5,575 kg
Tipping load 5,575 kg 4,430 kg 3,750 kg
Height 3.03 m 2.78 m 2.78 m
Width 2.38 m 2.06 m 1.95 m
Engine DPS (Stage IV) Yanmar (Stage V) Yanmar (Stage V)
Max. output 78 kW/106 hp 54 kW/73 hp 50 kW/68 hp
Lifting height 3.72 m (4.01 m option) 3.35 m (3.79 m option) 3.22 m
Hydraulics 115 l/min 93 l/min (115 l/min option) 70 l/min (105 l/min option)
Ground drive Hydrostatic, 2 ratios Hydrostatic, 2 ratios Hydrostatic, 2 ratios
Top speed 40 km/h 40 km/h 40 km/h

More payload, thanks to articulated steering and steered rear axle
The three TORION SINUS models feature a combination of articulated steering and rear axle with axle pivot steering. This makes the loader considerably more manoeuvrable than one with articulated steering only. At the same time, since the maximum articulation angle between the front and rear axle is approximately 10 degrees less, these loaders offer superior stability and higher payload capacity compared with a wheel loader that only has articulated steering.

The rear axle steering mechanism consists of a mechanical connection between the front wagon and the axle pivot steering on the rear axle. As part of the steering movement, the hydraulic ram in the articulated joint also automatically moves the rear axle. All three models are fitted with an articulated pivot, which provides stability even on uneven terrain, and compensates for lateral movements of the front chassis. A damper in the articulated pivot joint provides outstanding driver comfort, particularly at high ground speeds. On the TORION SINUS 956, the rear axle can also pivot by five degrees.

Operator-friendly cab
The cab combines the comfort of the large TORION models with optimum clarity of layout. The doors open out to 180°, and can be locked in that position. Wide steps provide safe and convenient access, and there is plenty of headroom even for taller drivers.

A colour display screen, 7-inch in the 956, and 4-inch in the 644 and 537, gives the driver a clear view of key operating data, such as gear ratio, fuel level and speed, on the right-hand A-column. In the TORION 956, a reversing camera can also be incorporated in the display. All wheel operating controls are clearly laid out on the right. The slim-line steering column is free of any fittings or controls, affording an outstanding view of the implement in front.

Powerful motors and top speeds of up to 40 km/h
The TORION 644 and 537 SINUS are fitted with Yanmar engines with a capacity of 3.3 l and turbocharger. They develop 54 kW/73 hp, and meet the Stage V emissions standard with diesel particulate filter. The TORION SINUS 956 has a 4.5-l DPS engine, delivering 78 kW/106 hp. The engines are transverse mounted, and offer excellent access for maintenance. An optional hydraulic reversible fan can be used to clean the radiator at the push of a button, or to provide the required cooling capacity even when moving straw, for example.

All TORION SINUS models have hydrostatic ground drive, with two synchronised gear ratios. The drive concept offers sensitive and continuously variable control capability, and a combination of high pushing power during loading operations with excellent agility and top speeds of up to 40 km/h, ensuring fast transfers between jobs.

Up, up and away with the high-lift mast
Agricultural applications in particular often call for operations at significant overhead heights. The new TORION SINUS 956 and 644 are available with high-lift loading systems as optional equipment. This boosts the maximum bucket pivot height to 4.01 m in the TORION SINUS 956, and 3.79 m in the 644. This provides ample capability for filling large forage mixing wagons, or for incoming material at biogas plants, for example.

All the new loaders are fitted with Z-kinematics. This mechanism offers maximum breakaway power and fast dump-out rates. In all TORION models, the kinematics are also optimised for operation with pallet forks. During stacking operations, the fork tines remain practically parallel to the ground. Hydraulic implement control, as standard equipment, is operated from the cab. The TPZ implement carrier in the 644 and 537 models is compatible with many commercially available implements, in the same way as its counterpart in the TORION models already on the market. The location of the locking mechanism for the TPV quick-change implement carrier in the TORION SINUS 956 is designed for maximum security, and the frame is compatible with the larger TORION models.

Swedish Agro Machinery
Swedish Agro Machinery  grundades 2016 och är ett svenskt företag fokuserat på representation och import av CLAAS lantbruksmaskiner i Sverige. Företaget är också generalagent för SAMSON, HORSCH och AVR och återförsäljare av LEMKEN. Swedish Agro Machinery är ett dotterbolag till Danish Agro-koncernen som består av en rad företag inom lantbruksbranschen i Danmark och andra länder. Sedan den 1 januari 2018 är Östra Sönnarslöv Traktorservice ett dotterbolag till Swedish Agro Machinery.

CLAAS är ett familjeföretag grundat 1913 och är en av världens ledande tillverkare av lantbruksmaskiner. Företaget, med huvudkontor i Harsewinkel i Tyskland, är marknadsledande tillverkare av skördetröskor i Europa. 

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