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Senaste nyheterna


Advanced materials from algae

Swedish Algae Factory was founded in 2016 by Sofie Allert and Angela Wulff with the vision to use algae to create an industry that will have a positive impact on the climate. Swedish Algae Factory extracts a unique nanoporous silica material from diatoms, a unicellular microscopic algae. The extract has exceptional light-altering properties as well as the ability to absorb or release particles depending on its surrounding environment. The material, branded under the name Algica, is of interest in a wide variety of industries. Today, Algica is being sold to the personal care industry and is being tested in the solar energy industry. The production is circular. The algae cleans wastewater, absorbs carbon dioxide, and also creates nutrient-rich organic biomass that can be used for fish feed or fertilizer.

Swedish Algae Factory AB
Stena Center 1B
41292 Gothenburg