Giving A Speech? Ten Things Not To Do.

2015-05-31 16:42 CEST UP THERE, EVERYWHERE Most of us at some point in life have to stand up in front of other people and make some sort of presentation. That’s just the way it is. Whether it’s only a verbal presentation to a few people or a TED Talk with cameras and a large audience, there are some simple things to remember that will help you make as strong a presentation as possible.

Head in The Clouds. New Cloud Based Employment Trends in the Creative Services Industry.

2015-05-26 15:58 CEST UP THERE, EVERYWHERE No Employees, No Offices, Just People. Look at the major costs of running a creative or strategic services agency. It comes down to two big items: people & offices. When times get tough, as they do in increasingly regular cycles in our business, adjusting these two items is difficult & expensive. Imagine a structure where those two costs are vastly minimised. How one agency moved into the cloud

'Open the window and stick your head out occasionally.'

2015-04-27 21:43 CEST UP THERE, EVERYWHERE A blog post about advertising and marketing research that encourages you to open the window and stick your head out occasionally and see it like it’s really like.

​Greece and the ‘C’ Word. TED Talk Greece

2015-03-04 14:39 CET UP THERE, EVERYWHERE Greece is in the middle of a crisis. This article looks at how Greece, along with many other places, could look to attract a new breed of independent, cloud based, worker as tax payers. Author Julian Stubbs gave a TED talk in Greece entitled Greece & the C Word on February 28th, 2015 and this blog covers his 18 minute speech.

Vadå unik?

2014-11-19 15:41 CET Personal Branding Academy Det pratas mycket om att vara unik nuförtiden. Fast jag jobbar med branding, där unik ingår i konceptet, är jag gräsligt trött på det ordet. Slår man upp ordet på så står det enastående, ensam i sitt slag, makalös, oöverträffad. Förstår ni vad jag menar? Det är inte helt enkelt att känna sig unik ur det perspektivet.

Companies cannot build brands – only people can

2013-02-18 10:49 CET Leadsius This is a post that I wrote on my personal blog for almost a year ago, but it´s worth to be published once again in this context. There has always been one of the top issues for marketers - how to build a brand. It goes wrong from the very beginning cause it´s actually impossible for a company to build brands even tough many still think they can. Agree?

2011-11-28 14:58 CET Manifesto Manifesto är en varumärkesbyrå. En reklambyrå som slutat göra reklam - och arbetar istället med medier som folk faktiskt uppskattar. I reklamtrötthetens tider utlyser vi en Ingen-reklam-tack-tävling. Att tacka nej till reklam blir allt vanligare, men det är få som passar på att göra det till något kul eller personligt. Har du ett eget smart sätt att tacka nej till reklam? Ta en bild och...

2011-11-09 11:37 CET Manifesto Wyral är Manifestos nya utbildningspaket för sociala medier. Ett paket som ger ditt varumärke bättre förutsättningar att lyckas på den sociala webben. Och som rymmer föredrag, workshops och andra språngbrädor. Läs mer på

2011-05-29 11:46 CEST ProQure | Entrémattor & Mattservice ProQure | Entremattor & Mattservice. ProQures logomattor ökar i popularitet. Gratis rådgivning för entréinredning. Läs även inlägg på ProQure | ___________________

2011-05-29 11:46 CEST ProQure | Entrémattor & Mattservice ProQure | Entrance Mats & Matting Service. ProQure’s logo mats are increasing in popularity.Free consultation for entrance décor. Read also the post in ProQue | ___________________