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Make the shift to Inbound Marketing

2014-09-17 13:30 CEST UP THERE, EVERYWHERE The way people seek information has undergone a fundamental shift over the last decade. Customers no longer wait for a sales person to call to get information about a product that may help them do their work better. In fact, they no longer even visit company websites to read about products.

Article on New Trends in Remote Working Published in The Journal of Advertising Research

2014-09-01 11:30 CEST UP THERE, EVERYWHERE The trend towards remote working and alternative self employment models is featured in the current edition of The Journal of Advertising Research. The article, that appeared in a section called Speakers Box, talks about the growing trend of global creative communities that work through the cloud in collaboration. Read the full story here.

Journal of Advertising Research Article on Living & Working in the Cloud.

2014-06-23 11:13 CEST UP THERE, EVERYWHERE The Journal of Advertising Research features an article this month by Julian Stubbs, CEO of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE- the Global Cloud Based Consulting company. The article, featured in a section called Speakers Box, talks about the growing trend of agencies working through the cloud.

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE man Guest on BBC Programme  Business Matters Talking About Living & Working in the Cloud

2014-06-18 10:48 CEST UP THERE, EVERYWHERE Julian Stubbs, Co-founder of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE the global cloud based consultancy, was a guest on the BBC World Service programme Business Matters, Thursday June 12th. Stubbs said he believes what happened to books, music & films is about to happen to the service sector & employment within it. Freelancers will form globally connected, & organised communities, enabled by the cloud.

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE gästade BBCs program Business Matters och pratade om att leva och jobba i molnet

2014-06-18 09:30 CEST UP THERE, EVERYWHERE Julian Stubbs, en av grundarna till UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, världens första globala molnbaserade byrå var under torsdagen den 12:e juni gäst på BBCs program Business Matters. Han är säker på det som skett med böcker, musik och film också kommer att ske i den kreativa tjänstesektorn. Frilansare kommer att bilda globalt sammanlänkade nätverk och arbetet kommer möjliggöras med molnbaserade verktyg.

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE creates new brand for Dutch optic specialist

2014-06-10 10:46 CEST UP THERE, EVERYWHERE It's not every day that you get the opportunity to create a new brand, and it's even a bigger challenge when that brand needs to endorse nearly 100 other independent brands. No new parent company, no M&A, no single owner....but a new independent collective group, representing the best optic specialists across the Netherlands.

Julian Stubbs Speaker at Liverpool City Brand Building Event

2014-05-20 10:31 CEST UP THERE, EVERYWHERE Julian Stubbs, the man behind the branding of Stockholm as The Capital of Scandinavia, will be a keynote speaker at The City Brand Building Event in Liverpool, England. The event, takes place on Wednesday 25th of June in Liverpool. Stubbs will be talking about the branding of cities, places and destinations.

Nobel Peace Prize Concert Gets Revised Look for 20th Anniversary

2013-12-12 11:29 CET UP THERE, EVERYWHERE A revised logotype was on show last night at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the event.

Northern Lights at the end of the tunnel? The selling of Sweden's frozen north, by Julian Stubbs

2013-12-10 16:53 CET UP THERE, EVERYWHERE Arjeplog, like many small towns in northern Sweden, is facing de-population. People have been moving south to larger cities in search of work for some time. But are things about to change again? Julian Stubbs, author of the book Wish You Were Here, and the man behind the branding of Stockholm, took a closer look at the north of Sweden as some interesting new northern lights appear.