Upplev Kapstaden Designhuvudstad 2014

2013-11-28 13:01 CET Shift - Inspiring Sustainable Design SHIFT: Inspiring Sustainable Design in collaboration with Sydafrikaresor have curated an authentic experience of the World Design Capital 2014 that offers insight into Cape Town’s wonderfully diverse cultures and environments, an up-close experience of South African design and innovation, and an extraordinary opportunity to play your part in positive design action.

Small Change; a World of Difference - Sustainable Design Competition Brief 12"13

2012-07-24 00:05 CEST Shift - Inspiring Sustainable Design South African design and creative youth are invited to submit proposals for products, systems and services in response to the competition brief, Small Change; A World of Difference. This call to action challenges the creative community to suggest ways in which seemingly small shifts and improvements can influence significant positive change to local and global communities and natural environments.

Introducing the Eco Design Initiative

2011-12-20 11:16 CET Shift - Inspiring Sustainable Design The Eco Design Initiative promotes sustainable design as the precursor to social, environmental and economic well-being. Activities are hosted as a skills and culture exchange between young designers in Sweden and South Africa and are arranged to respond to 3 key themes: EDUCATE / EXCHANGE / EXHIBIT