2013-10-20 22:30 CEST Riksföreningen för Hemundervisning i Sverige - Rohus The Swedish family who were forced by threat of distraint to pay a 15 000 USD fine for homeschooling has now had their fine payed through a tremendous support of sympathising Swedes. The family did not have pay a single dollar themselves. The father said, ”I can’t even think of what we would have done without this great support.” Still, the fine puts the Swedish juridical system in question.

2013-08-19 09:46 CEST Riksföreningen för Hemundervisning i Sverige - Rohus The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court has now settled the final verdict for a well-known Swedish home educating family. The family is fined 15 000 USD for home educating their then 12 year old daughter for one year 2010-2011. The ruling is in spite of family living in exile in Finland for more than a year. It is questionable if the verdict is in accordance with Swedish and European law.

2012-10-25 18:00 CEST Riksföreningen för Hemundervisning i Sverige - Rohus A little light in the compact Swedish home educating darkness was lit last week when a family in Gothenburg received permission to home educate after an appeal to a mid-level court. The family is to be congratulated. However, there is still a long way to go before Sweden can claim to recognize the human rights conventions on education.

2012-10-24 10:04 CEST Riksföreningen för Hemundervisning i Sverige - Rohus A Swedish family is now being forced pay 4600€ in fine for home education, or face a distraint from the Swedish Enforcement Agency, although they emigrated to another Nordic country nearly two years ago. This is an escalation of the harassments against Swedish home educators from the authorities, and in direct conflict with human rights as interpreted in the majority of the world’s democracies.

2012-09-03 09:33 CEST Riksföreningen för Hemundervisning i Sverige - Rohus The world's first global home education conference will take place on November 1-4 in Berlin. Home education is the fastest growing form of schooling, and is successful beyond all expectations of the expertise, both socially and academically. Home education is also one the more urgent human rights issues in the democratic world in the early 21st century, with Sweden and Germany as main problems.

2012-03-01 08:07 CET Riksföreningen för Hemundervisning i Sverige - Rohus After years of intensified threats from the local government of Uppsala, the President of the Swedish Association for Home Education (ROHUS), Jonas Himmelstrand, has left Sweden with his family. ”The risks in Uppsala were too high and no part of Sweden is safe for home education today. Emigration is the only safety. The Swedish Government is ultimately responsible,” says Mr. Himmelstrand.