Design Diary Entry - Week 12 & 13

2013-12-02 10:00 CET Runius Design Last week Runius Design was invited to Outokumpu in Alvesta, to discuss some possible applications of stainless steel in some of our current projects. They invited us on a tour of their R&D center and their production facility. We got a heathy dose of stainless steel knowledge along with a reminder of what it means to be an industrial designer.

Design Diary Entry – Week Ten and Eleven

2013-11-18 14:08 CET Runius Design Have you ever used a product and thought it seemed obvious? I’m not talking about a part or feature that stands out so much that it gets in the way, I’m talking about the features that are naturally easy to use. Odds are you haven’t noticed many of them (if you have, hats off to you).

Innovation och design för framtiden

2013-11-12 10:06 CET Runius Design Ett av våra nya uppdrag är inom områdena hälsa, hjälpmedel och robotik och handlar om interaktionen mellan människa och maskin. Det finns idag produkter som löser problem inom ramen för kostnad, hållfasthet och funktion. Dock saknas det ofta en viktig aspekt – integritet och trygghet för användaren.

Design Diary – Week Nine

2013-10-31 08:00 CET Runius Design Last week I had the privilege to meet with designer Karl Malmvall of Design House Stockholm and formerly Ikea. He showed me around the DHS office and gave me some insight into how many of their products are produced. As a publishing company, Design House Stockholm works in cooperation with outside designers and studios to realize their concepts and projects.

Design Diary Entry – Week Eight

2013-10-25 09:59 CEST Runius Design In my opinion, good design creates usable products. People like usable products. What people like becomes popular and what is popular sells. (There’s a bit more to it, but I’ll leave it that for now) Sadly, oftentimes things become popular for the wrong reason: price, flash, loud packaging, cheap thrills; Selling points that deceive the consumer from true buying purpose.

Tidskapseln i Outokumpus katalog

2013-10-22 07:30 CEST Runius Design Tidskapseln som är tillverkad i det superaustenitiska rostfria stålet 654 SMO har fått plats i Outokumpus Handbook of Stainless Steel som referensprodukt för superstålet.

Design Diary Week Seven

2013-10-17 08:00 CEST Runius Design As you have probably deduced from my previous posts, product designers have a problem with others understanding what we do exactly. Because of this, communication has been a theme for most of my posts. Communication is connection, and making things connect is what design is all about.

Design Diary Entry - Week Six

2013-10-09 13:48 CEST Runius Design I’ve always seen the design process as a whole. Many different gears running one big machine. After a day in Trollhätan consulting for a group of economics students, I now realize I must be able to break up the process into smaller fragments, all the while, keeping a core message in tact.

En vecka på kontoret

2013-10-08 09:45 CEST Runius Design Den här veckan är vi på kontoret allihopa sånär som en dag ute hos kund i södra Sverige. Förra veckan var hektisk med kundbesök till bl.a. Trollhättan och Katrineholm. I Trollhättan hade vi ett första möte med en ny kund och i Katrineholm introducerades vi till ett antal lokala företag där vi kommer jobba med både nya idéer och befintliga produkter.

Design Diary Entry - Week Five

2013-10-01 08:00 CEST Runius Design The idea of balance has begun to take a very interesting role this week. A new project presented itself, a simple object made of a singular piece of material. It has been such a challenge, and a fascinating exercise, in accounting for so many variables in one entity. Defining a simple object is actually a more difficult task than that of a complex one since there is less to work with.