Månadens Formgivare: Lena Willhammar

2015-10-07 11:28 CEST FORM/DESIGN CENTER

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2015-09-11 11:52 CEST FORM/DESIGN CENTER

Claesson Koivisto Rune

2015-09-08 12:56 CEST FORM/DESIGN CENTER


2015-08-20 14:31 CEST FORM/DESIGN CENTER


2015-08-20 14:30 CEST FORM/DESIGN CENTER Frame, 2014 (Red Dot Design Award) Frame is a easychair that works like a three-dimensional picture in different rooms and environments, and frames the person who sit in it. Frame invites to a number of different ways to sit on. Producer: Materia

MÅNADENS FORMGIVARE: Ola Giertz, Clothing house

2015-08-20 14:28 CEST FORM/DESIGN CENTER Clothing House, 2013 Hang your clothes in their own little house. Instead of living in a dark, square wardrobe, they now can be seen in another way. They also want to feel at home.. The result is an clothes-rack that makes you think of a house, a house that you easily can move into different positions because of the four wheels. Producer: Essem Design

MÅNADENS FORMGIVARE: Ola Giertz, Clamp lamp

2015-08-20 14:27 CEST FORM/DESIGN CENTER Clamp Lamp, 2013 On the table, in the bookshelf or in the windowsill. Place the Clamp Lamp wherever you desire, depending on occasion and mood. The gap enables the lamp to be placed on different places in the room, and can be used as a windowlamp, a tablelamp or whatever you want. Producer: Oriva

Den Nya Kartan

2015-07-01 11:17 CEST FORM/DESIGN CENTER

The Tomorrow Collective/4, Industridesignskolan, Lunds Universitet

2015-06-30 13:46 CEST FORM/DESIGN CENTER

The Tomorrow Collective/3, Industridesignskolan, Lunds Universitet

2015-06-30 13:44 CEST FORM/DESIGN CENTER