European Pirate Party Formed

2014-03-21 15:10 CET Piratpartiet The European Pirate Party (PIRATES) was founded today during a session in Brussels where more than 300 pirates from 20 countries participated. The delegates in the meeting elected Amelia Andersdotter (MEP PP) as the first chairperson of the organisation.

The Pirate Party in Stockholm opens up for donations in Bitcoin

2014-02-26 06:00 CET Piratpartiet Stockholm chapter of the Pirate Party today opened up for Bitcoin donations to the local campaign budget via the Swedish Bitcoin exchange office BTCX. The party hopes to raise additional money to their European election campaign while enhancing its profile on Internet related issues.

2013-02-26 09:01 CET Piratpartiet On February 17th, the Swedish Pirate Party received threats from the Rights Alliance organisation (former Anti-Piracy Bureau). The Rights Alliance stated that they intended to bring legal action against The Pirate Party and individuals in the party, if the party did not cease to provide The Pirate Bay with Internet access. The Pirate Party now gives an answer, considering legal counteraction.