2015-04-17 15:17 CEST 3gamma 3gamma is today celebrating its 7th anniversary since the foundation in 2008. To mark this event, we took the opportunity to interview CEO and co-founder Peter Wahlgren about the company’s development to where 3gamma is today and our future visions.

Googol @ Åre Kapitalmarknadsdagar 2015

2015-04-14 09:55 CEST Googol Googol attended Åre Kapitalmarknadsdagar which were held for the 6th time in this Swedish mountain resort. With a growing participation year-by-year attracting heavy national company leaders as well as regional, investors, politicians and advisors alike, this event has the ambition of becoming a “mini Davos” where all sides of our society meet to discuss important and actual business topics.

Understanding IT outsourcing risk: incorporating risk management in your IT sourcing strategy

2015-04-14 09:08 CEST 3gamma Outsourcing decisions have long term consequences. Understanding how IT organisations and IT executives make decisions, value risk and manage risk is an integral part of IT outsourcing. The consequences of poor decision making with resulting lock-in effects can be detrimental to competitiveness, undermine organisational morale and incur significant costs.

Engaging business in IT sourcing – the fine art of demand management

2015-04-07 17:29 CEST 3gamma he results from our 3gamma annual insights survey show a disconnect between IT sourcing strategies and business outcomes. Companies are struggling with aligning IT sourcing and business requirements, and IT seems to be left on their own in designing and developing approaches to IT sourcing.650

Cost can’t be the sole driver for IT outsourcing – shifting mind-set from activities to outcomes

2015-03-31 08:36 CEST 3gamma ”Consolidating our IT operations into the corporate outsourcing agreement would double the running cost, so why would I?” This quote is from a CIO in the financial sector. The parent company was planning to consolidate their IT across the group, bringing the ‘daughter’ company’s data centre in with the corporate outsourced data centre.

Blogg: Reflektioner från årets PVC-konferens

2015-03-25 13:03 CET Deflamo AB Årets internationella PVC-konferens gick av stapeln i Köln den 16-18 mars. Från Deflamo var Magnus Jörsmo inbjuden som talare med rubriken ”Miljövänligt överlägsna flamskyddsmedel som fungerar”; ett ämne som lockade en fullsatt publik och där intresset för Apyrum var mycket stort.

Improving flexibility in IT outsourcing by collaboration and relationship management

2015-03-24 08:08 CET 3gamma There is significant pressure on companies to be flexible and adapt quickly to new business challenges. The business wants an IT organisation that is proactive, has a good understanding of the business and delivers value on strategic, tactical and operational level. IT is expected to be a proactive business partner and an active supporter and enabler of the business strategy.

Understanding the eight drivers of digital change

2015-03-17 08:13 CET 3gamma ​Digitalisation is sweeping across many industries – changing customer behaviour, corporate competitiveness and the role of IT. But what does digitalisation actually mean? And what are the digital forces challenging the corporate environment and IT’s role?

2015-03-13 21:26 CET Insamlingsstiftelsen Våra Barn Sarajevos dimma är redan bakom ryggen på oss. Bara några kilometer utanför staden kan vi beskåda hur näraliggande berg omfamnas av solen. Vi närmar oss byn Pazaric. Min vän i bilen pratar oavbrutet. Han skämtar, skrattar och berättar om stadens gator, återberättar krigets händelser. Jag får en känsla av att han känner av min nervositet, samtidigtförsöker han med sina glada berättelser......

IT outsourcing in an ever-changing environment – flexible governance of outcomes is key to value creation

2015-03-11 08:15 CET 3gamma ​Information technology is revolutionizing products and services. Smart connected products, cloud services and a range of new technologies unleash a new era of disruptive competition. CIOs are struggling to manage their vendor portfolios in an ever-changing environment and keep up with business requirements.