Björn Kjellsson
Mats Johnson

SweTree Technologies AB Since July 2004 Mats Johnson has been the CEO of SweTree Technologies. He has more than 20 years of global commercial experience in the fields of biotech supply and drug discovery, from companies such as Pharmacia Biotech, Amersham Biosciences and KaroBio. He has held a variety of positions, including Director of Molecular Biology Systems and Vice President of Proteomics at Amersham Pharmacia...

Britta Strömgren


Jonas Persson

Googol Jonas has 20 years of experience from the IT industry working mainly with Enterprise Software. Mostly focusing on companies in the start-up and growth phase but also with experience from one of the largest companies – IBM. Jonas brings value in delivering skills and experience from growth and change processes as well as from sales management and general management both nationally as well as...

Gabrielle Hultdin
Linn Lundström