Johannes Bergh

Googol My unique skill is to help management teams identify and unite around the cornerstones of their brand, the brand dna. But the truth is in the pudding – so what really matters is to successfully implement the brand dna in every single customer touch point. This enables a strong relationship between the customer and the brand. And relationships of these kind is really good for profitability. ...

Camilla Öberg

Bombina Bombast

Jan Sandqvist

Googol Jan is specialized in structured idea management. Often working with groups in creative workshops, Jan contributes with skills regarding all parts of the idea process. Prior to joining Googol’s team of business developers, he was the founder and driving force of Rinendo working with clients as different as Vattenfall and the Red Cross. Jan holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and has...

Fabel Kommunikation

Mira My

Miracle Consulting

Klas Bertilsson

Googol During the past 20+ years Klas have developed extensive knowledge in product management and product development, within a global organization. The last 5+ years has been a deep dive for him into the field of creativity and innovation. An area that is on most companies top three list of priorities. His competences reach all the way from ideas to sales, with the main focus to meet future and...