Get inspired by Zaplox mobile key solution - in just 12 seconds!

2015-02-12 09:34 CET Zaplox AB Zaplox provides winning solutions: congratulation to our customer HTL hotels, that just got awarded winner of the Digital Prize of the Year at Grand Travel Awards 2015. Zaplox mobile keys were part of the motivation and the winning concept. Watch our video on how our mobile keys work and get inspired in just 12 seconds.
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HTL mobile key app

2014-12-10 15:15 CET HTL hotels It is easy to check in at HTL. The guests can choose if they want to check in while on their way and receive the room key directly in their mobile phone, or if they rather use the hotel’s check-in tablet to receive a key card. Either way, there is no more queuing at a reception.
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Innovative digital solutions

2014-12-10 15:09 CET HTL hotels HTL hotels presents innovative digital solutions for an improved guest experience.
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Thuraya SatSleeve - din smartphone blir en satellittelefon

2014-02-05 09:00 CET IEC Telecom Sweden
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Introducing The MindYourPerformance App - by Tina Thörner, Jonnie Eriksson and Ronnie Andersson

2013-03-06 17:15 CET TGIM-Thank God It´s Monday Do you mind your own performance? We can help you perform better! And this brilliant App of ours, helps you find the keys to your own best performance. You can use it like a diary, like a reach-your-goal-reminder or a sharp analys of your performance, behavior or habits. You can compare to previous performances and share your thoughts and result with your team or coach.
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Byggnad kommer till liv i iPad med VuFrame

2012-05-02 07:26 CEST MAGISTY AB
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Appland - Sveriges bästa appar till din mobil

2011-12-16 09:42 CET Appland AB
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Så tog Appland hem investeringen i Drakar & Änglar

2011-10-31 11:15 CET Appland AB
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Anders Nilsson om riskerna med smarta telefoner och mobilitet

2011-05-31 17:42 CEST Eurosecure
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