Fredrik Wikfeldt
Anna Kjellsson
Mats Backlund
Sofia Alfredsson
Johan Bäckström

ÅAC Microtec AB Johan Bäckström has vast experience in international business development and project management of technically complex projects. He is a Member of the Board of Swedish Aerospace Industries, SAI, the trade association for aerospace companies in Sweden and he is also a Member of the board of Rymdforum, a Swedish organization informing about space activities. Johan has earlier been responsible...

Mikael Andersson

ÅAC Microtec AB Mikael Andersson has twenty years of experience as a CEO in industrial businesses with a clear international focus. He has a proven entrepreneurial and market-driven background from Åkerströms, a provider of rugged computers and remote-control industrial radio systems, as well as the high-tech engineering company Novator, whose innovative Orbital drilling technology has found great success in...

Kajsa Runnérus