Serena Enterprise ALM Survey Results

2011-06-16 13:11 CEST Serena Software - Norden Serena Software, the leader in orchestrated application delivery, IT and business processes, recently completed a new global survey on enterprise application lifecycle management (ALM) adoption. The survey drew 2,442 respondents who identified ALM owners, drivers and benefits, as well as painted a picture of real-world use cases.

Lean BPM

2009-05-13 11:40 CEST Serena Software - Norden

Sitecore CMS SharePoint Connector Module

2008-11-17 13:06 CET Sitecore Is Microsoft SharePoint the Right Tool for Your Website? SharePoint is a very popular collaboration tool. But does it deliver on the requirements for today’s compelling and dynamic websites?

Sitecore Foundry Solution

2008-11-13 15:06 CET Sitecore Sitecore Foundry: Manage Thousands of Websites with the Effort of One Discover how Sitecore's breakthrough solution can provide quick results for your organization's remote site editors, while maintaining centralized control of branding and web communications strategy.

Sitecore Intranet Portal

2008-11-13 14:51 CET Sitecore Launch a full-featured, easy-to-use intranet in just one week. Sitecore Intranet Portal™ turns static, underused systems into dynamic, easy-to-use tools that can unite your workforce, improve inter-department communication, ensure compliance, and support your key business processes. And all in just one week.

Sitecore CMS v6

2008-11-13 14:38 CET Sitecore Sitecore CMS Sitecore CMs has a dazzling user interface and powerful development capabilities that help marketers, business users and technical people create compelling web experiences with their websites.