The Most Important Thing During Illness is to Never Lose Your Heart

2014-03-20 15:33 CET Project Playground What do nine Swedish survivors of cancer have in common with a few hundred South Africans living in Langa? The answer is, no matter the colour of your skin, your cultural background, religious or sexual preference, the human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to your body. If you are given the right tools and support.

It’s great to be back! By Ninna from Dancers Without Borders

2014-02-07 13:00 CET Project Playground For the third year in a row I am back at Project Playground to see all the wonderful people I have come to know during the years. My name is Ninna and I, together with my colleague Tilman, am one of the founders of the organization Dancers Without Borders. We have taught the approximately 70 children who constitute the dance groups twice before and our workshops have mainly been focused on ballet.

Play on Wheels by Jeanette

2014-02-05 13:14 CET Project Playground During this last week, I have spent a lot of time with the children in ”Play on Wheels”. This group exists of twelve children, who all have different disabilities. Project Playground (PPG) started this group with the intention of enlighten the society about all the misunderstandings, often related to handicapped children.

My first week by Jeanette

2014-02-03 09:36 CET Project Playground My name is Jeanette Norman, I am the new intern here on Project Playground. I have got the opportunity to really be ”a part of the puzzle”. I will spend about four months here in Cape Town, and I will try to share every story and all the amazing work that PPG are doing for the children in Langa.

Lugna Gatan and Great Corner - by Marina

2013-11-25 15:48 CET Project Playground Last year we started a collaboration with Fryshuset in Sweden and two weeks ago we had four people from Fryshuset’s Lugna Gatan here with us. Lugna Gatan works with what The Great Corner is aiming for – to prevent youth from being involved with crime, drugs, violence etc. and to be a support for those who need it.

Shai Dahan by Marina

2013-11-08 15:23 CET Project Playground The contemporary painter and street artist Shai Dahan flew in from Sweden and has been with us for this past week. He did some magic to our boring, grey, concrete wall that reaches on one side of our premises here in Langa.

Visit from Sweden – by Marina

2013-11-05 11:51 CET Project Playground What an amazing week this has been. We had the pleasure to have some of our Swedish partners on visit. I know that all of us at Project Playground really enjoyed it. Everyone of our guests was so open, so genuine and so warm. What a joy, not only for the visitors to actually see and experience Project Playground in action here in Langa but for us to get to know these kindhearted people.

Week 5 by Marina

2013-10-17 11:05 CEST Project Playground Last week I went to all of the different classes here at PPG to take some photos of the staff. I was so nice to actually see what everybody is doing here. In every one of the classes I could see how engage the staff is and how much fun they have together with the children and youth.

YES by Marina

2013-10-08 11:02 CEST Project Playground The Youth Employment Skills (YES) program at the Salesian Institute empowers youth from deprived areas around Cape Town between the ages of 18 and 26 who have a minimum Grade 9 education. They help youth, who are unemployed and come from disadvantaged backgrounds to integrate with the society.

2013-09-30 14:14 CEST Project Playground This week we have started with Brain Games, were we focus on kids with reading challenges. A guy named Lolwethu, who also live here in Langa, and I will run this classes. Aimee, the occupational therapist here on PPG started this project and she has taught me and Lolwethu how to run the class.