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Agreement with Sport 2000 will make Team Sportia even stronger locally

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 18, 2015 16:00 CEST

Team Sportia has recently signed an agreement with Sport 2000, one of the largest buying groups in the world, with over 3.500 stores in 25 countries and a total turnover of over 5 billion euros. This collaboration results in not only significantly larger purchasing power but is also a unique opportunity for Team Sportia to broaden the market for the independent brands, fully owned by Team Sportia. At the same time each individual store strengthen its position on the local market.

One of the most significant traits of Team Sportia has always been the individual merchant's strong local presence and genuine knowledge of sports and sports equipment. Thanks to the international cooperation with the second largest buying group in the industry - Sport 2000 - each individual store now gets even better opportunities to develop their specialist areas and grow locally. 

- Today Team Sportia concists of ninety stores. By partnering with Sport 2000, we can take advantage of the purchasing terms negotiated by a coalition of over 3.500 stores. It’s obvious that our retailers will get significantly better conditions. At the same time it will give them even more opportunities to decide and develop the local profile of the store, says Anders Edvardsson, CEO of Team Sportia.

Sport 2000 covers 25 countries, either as a purchasing partner or a retail chain with the same name. In Germany alone there is more than 1.000 stores. From a customer point of view there will be practically no changes, except from an improved offer. Anders Edvardsson says:

- It will become obvious in our stores that we are part of the Sport 2000 Group. Furthermore we will be able to take part of a number of major joint campaigns along with Sport 2000. Apart from that, we continue as usual, with the difference that we now have greater opportunities to further strengthen our position as a true sports retailers.

By virtue of its size, Sport 2000 has been able to reach agreements with the major suppliers to give members of the purchasing group exclusive access to desirable products - models that will now be available for Team Sportia retailers. The cooperation also increases the possibility of other brands and products than those we have traditionally found in Sweden to expand to a new market.

- There are many exciting brands with really high quality in Europe. Of various reasons some of these products cannot be found here, but our traders now have the chance to discover new, rising - and established brands, says Anders Edvardsson.

Furthermore, thanks to the agreement with Sport 2000 a completely new international market has emerged for brands such as North Bend, Sjösala and Peak Cycle, which are fully owned by Team Sportia. Altogether this is a possibility strongly appreciated by Anders Edvardsson.

- I am extremely proud of these brands and the quality of the products. Therefore, it was particularly gratifying that Sport 2000 also saw a great value in these brands as we began to discuss the international collaboration. North Bend will now be listed as an "A Brand" among other well-known international brands, such as Adidas. In addition to a much larger market, this opportunity allows us to invest even more resources to develop these brands further, which is very inspiring, says Edvardsson.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Edvardsson, CEO
Team Sportia AB
Phone: 031-355 10 92

About Team Sportia
Team Sportia is a chain consisting of ninety local sports retailers with combined sales of over 2 billion excl. VAT. All stores are owned and run by dedicated enthusiasts who know most local teams and clubs. We all have a genuine interest in sporting goods - and are keen to share our knowledge of sports such as football, cycling, swimming, running and cross country skiing. Through various partnerships we support about 1.500 sports clubs and associations around the country and since 2010 we are proud sponsor of En Svensk Klassiker.

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