Turkey latest country to adopt language tests in asylum procedure

Press Releases   •   Nov 02, 2018 15:38 CET

MIGRIs new provider for Linguistic Origin Identification

Press Releases   •   Oct 07, 2018 10:25 CEST

On 2018 September 27th, , Verified received notification that its tender to carry out language analysis for the Finnish Immigration Service (Maahanmuuttovirasto) has been approved.

AI project awarded research grant

Press Releases   •   Apr 13, 2018 14:49 CEST

EASO convene meeting of asylum experts in Brussels

Press Releases   •   Nov 13, 2017 12:03 CET

Interspeech 2017

Press Releases   •   Sep 21, 2017 12:04 CEST

Professor Minematsu

Press Releases   •   Sep 05, 2017 13:00 CEST

Verified is happy to have hosted a seminar by professor Minematsu of the Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Information and Communication Engineering.

Turkish government delegation visits Verified

Press Releases   •   Feb 02, 2017 16:42 CET

On 25 January Verified’s headquarters in Stockholm hosted a visit by a delegation from the government of the republic of Turkey.

Verified Wins Irish Tender

Press Releases   •   Sep 21, 2016 13:50 CEST

On 12 September Verified received notification that its tender to carry out language analysis for the Republic of Ireland’s Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner (ORAC) had been approved over that of the incumbent provider, Sprakab.

معايير الجودة في تحليل اللهجات المحكية على المحك

Press Releases   •   Aug 11, 2016 13:32 CEST

مرة أخرى نجد أن قضية التوازن الدقيق بين الجودة والسعر فيما يتعلق بالمشتريات الحكومية أصبحت من المواضيع الساخنة والمهمة، لاسيما وأن الهدف مرةً أخرى هو تحليل اللهجات اللغوية.

تتمتع بجودة عالية LOID تحليل اللهجة وفق طريقة

Press Releases   •   Jul 01, 2016 16:01 CEST

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Linguistic Origin Identification

Verified provides expert testimony regarding linguistic behaviour, in particular relating to an individual´s linguistic background. These services are required by police, migration authorities and immigration attorneys for trials in court. We also assist non governmental organisations.

Verified employs a dozen of linguists, trained in areas such as creole languages, dialectology, interview technique and forensic phonetics.

Verified has conducted in excess of 24.000 analyses. The use of the same rigorous and well-defined methodology in each case ensures that analysis reports can be assessed and used in a safe and easy way, whether that be during an investigation or in court.

Equally indispensable for a clear and reliable result is the active language competency of a native speaker. To meet this requirement, Verified maintains a network of around 240 native speakers with training in auditory analysis to cover about 100 combinations of linguistic varieties and regions.


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