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Intelligence in practice

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 02, 2014 10:12 CEST

One of the secrets of successful organizations is that they are working actively and continuously with intelligence. It involves everything from information gathering and analysis to being able to draw strategic conclusions . With this book you can get started with your own intelligence work! Intelligence in practice shows how you can work in a structured and efficient with intelligence. The book has three parts, the first providing an introduction and a theoretical background to the subject. The second part describes the practical work of intelligence, step by step. The third part is a toolbox of 25 different tools for intelligence.

Intelligence in practice helps you structure your work to do the best possible intelligence. With the help of the book's many tips, tools and simple models you will quickly start and develop essential support for decision-making and business development.The book can be purchased at

More about the authors: Meet Sweden's most driven and structured intelligence analysts, Linda Genf and Johanna Laurent. The authors have for more than 15 years been helping companies and organizations to understand the world around us. Both Linda Genf and Johanna Laurent has worked as consultants at Kairos Future, Futuresense. Today, they are partners at Wide narrow, a company specializing in Strategic Intelligence.

Wide narrow Intelligence AB är specialister inom strukturerad omvärldsanalys. Med processen Wide narrow PERSPECTIVE erbjuder Wide narrow ett marknadsledande systemstöd och en välbeprövad metodik som förflyttar kundernas omvärldsanalys från externa konsulter till deras interna kompetens. Omvärldsanalysen presenteras i online producerade, visuellt attraktiva och faktabaserade beslutsunderlag. Wide narrow grundades 2005 och har kontor i Stockholm.

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