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Yasuragi receives honourable mention in SSQ Award 2015 for extensive environmental work

SSQ Award, Scandinavian Service and Quality Award is the largest program in Sweden for quality development within the hotel and conference industry, containing evaluation of the most important factors for running successful and sustainable businesses.

Yasuragi is the first hotel in Scandinavia with MSC and ASC-labeling of fish on menus

The hotel chain Nordic Choice Hotels wants to contribute to a sustainable fishing industry and responsibly farmed seafood. Therefor they are now starting the process to implement certified sustainable seafood labelled with MSC and ASC.

Yasuragi is awarded Best Spa Cuisine in Spa Awards 2015

The Japanese Spa- and Conference Hotel Yasuragi on Hasseludden outside Stockholm has received the prominent Award Best Spa Cuisine from Spa Awards. The Jury´s motivation: ”Yasuragi takes ethics and sustainability a step further in a diverse variety of Japanese inspired food concepts.”

Yasuragi and Nordic Choice Hotels is awarded for best environmental work in Arla Golden Cow Awards

The Japanese Spa- and Conference Hotel Yasuragi is, together with the its corporate group Nordic Choice Hotels, named winner of the prestigious price Arla Golden Cow, in the category ”Best Environmental Work”. The price is established by Arla Foods.

Japanese inspired Spa- and Conference Hotel Yasuragi invests in Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence training for employees

Society has changed in the last decades and many companies struggle with stress-related illnesses. As a further step in its on going efforts to work for sustainability, the Japanese Spa- and Conference hotel Yasuragi, now let their employees attend mindfulness training during paid working hours.