313@somerset, Singapore

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Green business is good business
Building a new shopping mall is never an easy assignment. Positioning of the anchor stores and making sure that pedestrian traffic flows evenly through all retail outlets are just some of the considerations. But these days, environmental responsibility is just as important.

The construction of 313@somerset, a premier retail shopping mall in Singapore, was on a fast track from the beginning. The mall has eight floors in total and accommodates 177 retail outlets. Easy access is possible from the basement level, which has a direct link to the Somerset MRT metro station. 

Thorough planning and scheduling
313@somerset, managed by Lend Lease, was planned and built with people flow clearly in mind. KONE carried out a comprehensive traffic planning analysis to determine the optimal number of elevators and escalators to effectively cater to the needs of shoppers.

However, actual construction of the shopping mall required a bit more planning. Not only did the Stamford Canal run through the core of the property; but the local metro station was open during the entire construction process, moving approximately 55,000 commuters per day, all walking past the
construction site. 

Structural design constraints and waterproofing concerns resulted in challenges to the schedule. It was necessary that all project teams worked together to assure check point and handover timetables were completed as agreed. As Murray Woolcock, Project Director, Project Management
& Construction, Lend Lease, pointed out: “With such a time challenged and complex project, it takes an understanding and collaborative partner to have achieved our demanding

All about the flow
In a shopping mall where traffic is heavy throughout the day, it is essential that a maximum flow-through of people is made possible with minimal effort. Shoppers need to easily find the stores they want, and depart the complex with ease. Seamless integration of elevators and escalators based on estimated incoming and outgoing traffic help to ensure that not only do shoppers have a positive retail experience but store owners benefit as well.

Sustainability as cornerstone of design
First impressions are important in the retail environment. KONE was able to meet and exceed customer expectations by delivering customized products that met capacity needs of the retail center plus were energy efficient, playing an important role in reducing the carbon footprint of the shopping mall.

To support the mall’s green credentials, KONE installed 10 energy-saving KONE MonoSpace® elevators. These elevators save up to 25 percent of the energy consumed by a typical elevator. To further enhance the reduction of carbon footprint in the building, escalators were equipped with variable speed drives that automatically put the equipment in stand-by mode during times of off-peak
hours, helping to significantly lower energy costs.

Enticing design elements were also integrated into the delivered solutions. All KONE TravelMaster™ escalators feature energy-efficient LED white-skirt lighting. The potential savings can amount from 600 to 1500 kWh per year using LED lights and stand-by operation. These lights are not only a necessary safety provision, but they are also an attractive architectural feature of the retail center.

In 2009, 313@somerset was granted the BCA (Building & Construction Authority) Green Mark Platinum award, the highest recognition for environmentally friendly buildings in Singapore. BCA evaluates buildings for their environmental impact and performances.


• To install a solution that best met the customer’s construction site and changing schedule
• To provide a customized solution to meet structural design and eco-effi ciency requirements

• Supply optimal solution for sustainable needs
• Maintain effi cient People Flow™ during construction
• Meet timely delivery and installation despite repeated changes in construction schedule and design plans


• Completed: December 2009
• Floors: 8 retail levels
• Outlets: 177
• Size: 27,313 sqm of retail offer

KONE Solutions
• 10 KONE MonoSpace® elevators
• 43 KONE TravelMaster™ escalators
• 4 KONE EcoMaster™ escalators
• KONE Care™ Maintenance Service