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48 Hot Yoga Tips for Beginners

Blog post   •   Sep 24, 2014 13:55 +08

Stress is the number factor to sicknesses and as women become a mother and climb up the corporate ladder, it can take a toll on us. So take care of yourself now before life takes care of you. Here are 48 hot yoga tips for beginners.

1. Yes, when you  sweat you get rid of mostly water. But did you know that sweating also removes chemicals such as potassium, ammonia, urea and just about a bunch of other nasty toxins from your body as well? Now that’s something worth sweating over!

2. Yoga in a hot environment increases blood flow and relaxes the joints. You will be able to execute the  yogaposes better as you are more flexible. This would mean your dream of a hot body will come true! Literally! 

3. Is that hair in your face or did Sadako pay a visit? Wear a headband or tie your hair! That way you’ll feel more comfortable and you can actually see what the instructor is teaching.

4. It’s going to be hot so wear tight fitting yet breathable clothing. You don’t want to end up drowning in sweat and be weighted down by your baggy clothes. Hot yoga will not only help you get into shape, it will also give you better body and mind health, functional strength and capabilities to help you deal with everyday tasks and an improved overwall well-being! 

5. Bring a mat (if your studio doesn't provide you with one), towel and water along you’ll need them. If you’re a heavy sweater, bring along 2 towels please. You don’t want to cause sweet puddle slips!        

6. As you know when you sweat, you lose water. So it’s essential that your body’s hydrated well in advance. Drink plenty of water the day before your hot yoga session, it will do you and your body a whole lot of good.

7. It's advisable, when necessary, to remove any make-up before class. Hot yoga is suppose to rejuvenate. Not leave you looking like melted ice-cream cake that’s been left too long in the sun. Let your skin breathe.

8. Grab something light and healthy like a granola bar, cereal or fruit before class. It’ll help keep your energy level up and keep the gastric juices at bay. Oh remember to drink plenty of water as well!

9. Bring a friend along. It helps to have some form of encouragement and it’ll be more fun! Just remember it’s not a race so you can leave that competitive streak at the door. Think of them as a sweat buddy!

10. Hot Yoga studios may be hot but the air is well-circulated. So don't jostle for prime spots. Enjoy the session and get ready for a better and healthier you!

11. Proper breathing is integral in yoga. Pay close attention as your instructor teaches you how to  breathe properly. When you breathe better, positive changes and results will happen!

12. It can be challenging initially to focus not only on your breathing but on your tehcniques at the same time. Don't give up! Yoga not only gives you a healthier body, it also gives better mental clarity. In no time, with regular practice, you'll be able to perform the various poses with ease. Keep calm and  yoga on. 

13. Yoga teaches you to better understand your body. If before or during class, you feel a little unwell, it's better to rest.  Yoga has been around for ages and it's not going to disappear any time. A healthy body will enable you to better gain the benefits and rewards of a yoga session.

14. Yoga is not a race. It's a journey and an experience towards better overall well-being. So pace yourselves and be patient for results will come. As they say, patience is a virtue. ☺

15. A hot yoga session rejuvenates and a lukewarm shower after each session, reinvigorates! Remember to cool down after each hot yoga session before you head into the showers. When you're done, get ready to face the day with renewed strength and  positivity!

16. Now that you've burnt off all those  calories, it's time to refuel. Just remember to eat healthy! A  healthydiet along side your dose of yoga sessions will accelerate your transformation. 

17. When you sweat, you lose water (amongst other things like toxins). But don't gulp down bottles of that precious water after each session. Take small sips and let your body slowly digest and soak in its essential nutrients. Afterall, you'd want to leave the class looking refreshed, not bloated, right?

18. It's important that you understand each  yogapose and the benefits that come with them. Don't be shy to ask your instructors for help if you're having a little trouble. Knowledge goes a long way and a better understanding will help you better perform each session.

19. You may not be able to perform a certain pose quite as perfectly as the person next to you. Fret not. Yoga is about personal growth as well. In due time and diligence, your mind will be more focused and your body will undergo a transformation. Before you know it, you'll be quite the expert!

20. When possible, head into the studio 5 minutes before class. This can help you acclamitize with the room temperature and set your breathing right. However if that is not possible, do a little meditation focusing on your breathing while you're waiting for the studio doors to open.

21. Yoga amongst other things is also about  Humility and  Compassion. So leave your egos at the door and be willing to absorb new things. Never underestimate the power of being humble and you'll soon reap the benefits it can bring. 

22. Hot Yoga works because heat helps to loosen the muscles and allows more flexibility in the joints. Together with the proper breathing technique that will be taught, this can also improve the body's  cardiovascular system. An improved blood circulation is always good not only for the heart but also for the brain. Hot Yoga can truly improve mental clarity. Plus, you'll look absolutely gorgeous as well!

23. The word "Yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root "Yuj"; which means "to yoke" the spirit and body together. So  yoga is indeed a complete system that nourishes the body and nurtures the mind. 

24. Have respect for your instructors, fellow students and even the staff at your studio. Most importantly, have respect for Yoga. When you give respect, you will gain respect and that is essential for your full transformation into a better person both on the outside and in. Making friends is better than making enemies.

25. You will sweat during a hot yoga session. It's important to remain focused and understand that sweating is good for the body. The better understanding you have, the more at ease you'll feel. Embrace the sweat and the benefits of hot yoga will embrace you.

26. The power of a positive mindset should never be underrated and its importance can never be overstated. Keep a positive mind during class, soak in the lessons and don't push yourself too hard. What you've learned today will benefit you tomorrow and days after. Don't rush Time, it has never stopped. Your diligence and patience shouldn't too!

27. Know your limits. Do not push yourself or over exert yourself during class. If you're having trouble with some of the poses, stop and don't be too hard on yourself. You'd want to leave class the way you came in, in one piece!

28. Unless you opt for a private one-on-one lesson, chances are you'll be in a room with other people, who breathe. So practice and engage in proper personal hygiene ritual. Hot yoga raises the temperature we all know that but your less than desirable 'body scent' could really send others' temperatures through the roof! But dont overspray that perfume or body spray too! 

29. There is a huge difference between the catwalk and a yoga studio. So don't fret over the latest trends. Attend your yoga sessions in comfortable clothing. Tight fitting yet breathable clothings are highly recommended. Don't worry about looking good. With yoga's benefits, you'll look good after the sessions.

30. Being curious and asking questions is good for knowledge and personal growth. But sometimes being too inquisitive can be disruptive; especially to others. So it'll help if you do some reading or research prior to class or if you have to ask, limit your number of questions. Save the rest till after class.

31. Spatial awareness is important especially so in a class full of people. Be considerate when you're performing the Yogaposes and transitions. Love Thy Neighbor.

32. Be on time or try to be early even for classes. It'll give you that handy few minutes to get ready and psych yourself. The last thing you want to do is to walk hurriedly late through the door and disrupt others' focus. Some may even topple over from the shock of your sudden entrance.

33. If you have a heart problem or a family history of one, get yourself checked at the doctor's before taking up yoga. You are liable for your own well-being and its a self-responsibility that should never be taken too lighly.

34. Expectant mothers are advised against engaging in hot yoga. The rise in temperature not only exposes your body but also the foetus to excessive heat. Excessive core body temperatures can cause maternal hyperthermia which is not good for the unborn child.

35. Be attentive. Listen to your instructor and to your body. There will be challenging poses so don't take to heart if you can't perform them the first time round. Once you get more practice, your body will allow and accomodate for better and more challenging transitions and poses. Listen for helpful tips and let your body naturally adapt to changes.

36. You don't lose weight from sweating, you lose water weight. But with yoga, the benefits are plenty. You will achieve mental clarity, inner calmness and your body's metabolism will be accelerated. This bodes well in shedding that extra kilos and in building those muscles for functional strength. With yoga, you'll discover a renewed self-confidence!

37. At the end of class, remain in Savasana Yogapose for a while when possible. Relax your breathing and soak in the lessons you've just learnt. You'll be surprised at how re-energized you'll be soon after.

38. Attend trial classes and find the right studio for yourself. Get to know the instructors and make sure you're really comfortable. Yoga is a journey towards better physical and mental well-being so do all that you can to help make it a pleasant one.

39. Try to avoid food that can cause gas or bloating prior to class. You want to be in the most comfortable state that you can during class and incessant burping for example, is certainly of no help!

40. When it comes to holisitc goals, perfection is most times subjective. So don't be envious of your fellow student if they seem to perform a certain pose better. Be wiling to learn and more importantly, be mindful of your body's capabilities. Learn to coax it a little and you will see amazing results. 

41. Don't have over expectations. It's ok to be excited at prospects but keep your expectations in check. Yoga takes practice and focus. Rome wasn't built in a day and your body certainly wasn't as well.

42. Be like water. Flow with the transitions into the different poses and don't force them or over exert. Always keep a positive mindset and outlook as this will help you understand and perform better. 

43. Try to keep idle chatter to a minimum or better yet, avoid it all together expecially during class. You're there to learn and the best way to learn is by listening. Keep your mobile phones in the lockers provided (if applicable) or safely tucked away during class. Save your selfie inclination for another time at another place and never during class.

44. Stay commited. It's always exciting to pick up or learn something new but it takes self-discipline to stay the course. With yoga, the more hours you spent practicing, the more benefits you'll reap. It's a long-term relationship that is good for you. Fad and fashion comes and goes but yoga is a Lifestyle.

45. Sometimes after class, you may feel a little light-headed. It's perfectly normal. Just breathe normally and relax. Take in sips of water and soon your body will recover.

46. Yoga can do a lot for the individual. But to better facilitate its beneficial capabilities is to lead a healthy lifestyle. How you live your life outside of the studio is important to fully realize what you learn in class. So eat right, drink plenty of water, sleep well and stay healthy!

47. Surround yourself with positivity. Yoga can help you achieve calmness, a focus state of mind and happiness. Always surround yourself with positive energy and apply what you've learnt in class everywhere you go and in every situation. When you exude positive energy, you'll constantly be surrounded by good people. 

48. Don't be selfish. Always share knowledge especially with those who need help. If yoga is working for you, recommend or ask a friend or 2 to try it out. Remember, happiness is meant to be shared! 

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