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Brady has adopted Global Working Standards using EICC Code of Conduct as the foundation.

Blog post   •   Oct 09, 2012 17:18 +08

Brady has adopted Global Working Standards using the internationally recognized EICC Code of Conduct as the foundation.  The purpose of the EICC is to "improve efficiency and social, ethical and environmental responsibility in the global supply chain."

"EICC" stands for the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition. Brady does business with approximately 85 percent of the EICC membership totaling about 20 percent of Brady sales globally. By adopting common standards across the organization, Brady can more effectively educate employees and communicate its commitments to customers and other stakeholders.

The EICC Code is built on multiple global standards that allow for the implementation of a single standard to address most customer requirements.  It focuses on five areas of corporate social responsibility:  Labor, Health and Safety, Environment, Ethics, and Management Systems. The Code establishes standards to ensure: 

       1)  Working conditions are safe

       2)  Workers are treated with dignity and respect

       3)  Operations are environmentally responsible

Brady is already contractually bound by the EICC Code at 18 sites in 12 countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Therefore it was a logical step to adopt working standards based on this Code across the organization. 

Brady has appointed an internal Working Standards Council to educate, communicate and train the appropriate people throughout Brady and those in our customer and supplier base who need to know our standards and how they are applied throughout the organization.