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Hot Yoga: The Way to Beautiful Skin

Blog post   •   Sep 24, 2014 14:07 +08


Natural remedies are plenty as well. From herbs, fruits and many more, certain ingredients are apparently good for the skin. Amidst all these claims, one thing is for sure- a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for better appearance. When it comes to natural remedies and healthy lifestyle, few can match the healing properties of Yoga.

Hot Yoga, as the name implies, is a form of yoga that’s performed in hot conditions. This form of yoga increases cardio capability, encourages better flexibility and more, including promoting better skin.

Stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits and bad food habits (to name a few), can result in many types of skin disorders. Hot Yoga, as with yoga in general, also helps to promote better blood circulation.

What stands Hot Yoga apart from the other forms is that as it is performed in a hot environment, the body will perspire more and when you sweat, pores are opened which allows natural lanolin to be released. Lanolin softens and preserves skin’s elasticity and the result is a natural glowing skin appearance.


Perhaps not many are aware but glowing skin is also the result of better digestive system. A poor or failing digestive system will have problems eliminating toxins from the body and this will result in acne and a host of other skin conditions. Hot Yoga promotes better release of harmful toxins from our body.

Heat relaxes muscles. When muscles are relaxed, it eliminates tension and stress, leaving you feeling calm and with better clarity. This is due to an improved blood circulation- a key contributing factor to better skin.


Specific asanas (yoga postures) that helps increase blood circulation should be practiced regularly when it comes to promoting better skin. The effects of these asanas are even more pronounced when inserted into your Hot Yoga session.


An important thing to remember is that it’s not only about what you do on the yoga mat, it’s also about leading a healthy lifestyle. Take a look at your lifestyle and make the necessary changes. Not only will it complement your Hot Yoga routine, it will also render you with a glowing and more youthful appearance.

Hot Yoga is a step towards a more beautiful you, inside and out.

Here at Lava Yoga Singapore, we understand your needs and goals. Let our qualified, caring and personable instructors guide you towards better health. Hot Yoga LAVA is where your journey begins.