How to get her interested in Sex toys?

Blog post   •   Dec 13, 2013 19:56 +08

When you want to inject a little extra fun into the bedroom, sex toys are the obvious answer. However, approaching the subject with your partner might be challenging.If you're not sure how she'll react, it's probably a bad idea to surprise her with sex toys. Try saying "You know what I saw online today?" as a segue to gauge her interest in sex toys. You may find that your girlfriend has tried toys before but has received negative reactions from previous partners or that she's too afraid to try them by herself.

Start Small

Even if she's interested in exploring her sexuality, your lady friend might not react too kindly if you show up at her door with a vibrator that sounds like a chainsaw -- and some of them do! Instead, pick out something inconspicuous. A vibrating egg is small and versatile, while modern insertables like those by Fun Factory and BSwish aren't phallic at all. If she wants to try a realistic dildo later on, let her pick it out herself.

Shop Together

One of the nice things about the Internet is that you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your own home. This might help your significant other feel more comfortable. After all, no 12-inch dildo will be in her face, and you won't have to worry about other sleazy customers or judgmental cashiers looking over your shoulder. Plus, online sex stores break up toys by category, include product reviews and many even allow you to compare items side by side.

Be Understanding

Your partner may not initially like the idea, so be sure to back off if it makes her uncomfortable. If she responds especially poorly, you can always play it off as a joke. For some women, the idea of using sex toys requires time to sink in. Don't be surprised if she eventually comes around.