Lyft2go - Click. Connect. Carpool

Blog post   •   Sep 18, 2014 09:06 +08

What ?

  • The best solution to share the empty seats in your car anywhere any day and anytime.
  • Lyft2go is the best medium on the virtual space which takes care of your planned and instant rides to share/carpool by intelligently connecting Ride Giver (Driver/Car owner) and Ride Seeker (Passenger) traveling to the same destination or in the same direction in Singapore.

Who ?

  • Lyft2go can be used by Everyone
  • Anyone who is willing to share his commute with someone travelling in the same direction example to a student searching for a ride to school or university, an office-goer looking for a better and flexible commute, ride partners looking for company.
  • Anyone who is keen to make a difference in Singapore’s traffic congestion and in effect minimize the pollution.

Why ?

  • Lyft2go is a Safe, Convenient and Economical Community based transportation system which introduces a smart way of commuting. This helps you share your travel with friends, colleagues and other like-minded people.
  • It is a non-restrictive platform that allows Flexi-timings, Choice of travel mates, Cashless payments, separate Women-Only groups, etc. It features Mobile alerts, Pre-verified users, No usage-compulsion and provides up to 100% Savings on Fuel Cost for the drivers.

How ?

  • We actively encourage drivers to avoid being a lone person to any of your destinations. Carpooling/ ride sharing not only help in reducing pollution in a bigger picture, but also provide opportunities to meet new people who are ready share the cost of the commute which is beneficial to the driver.
  • It is important to note that Ride-Givers (Driver/Car owner) can neither earn a profit nor make a full time job out of this as it would be against the law. But in turn they can save money as the cost of commute is fairly calculated and charged to the Ride-Taker.
  • Ride-Takers are provided with an affordable & convenient supplementary option to public transport.